Peak Performance

Peak Performance is not an accident. It is usually the result of a powerful vision and a workable plan put into action over a period of time. However, there are some definite strategies and mental/emotional patterns which can accelerate your success and leverage and enhance your performance. EFT and SET are two of the newest and most exciting tools to be applied in the area of peak performance, and Steve Wells was one of the first to systematically apply these tools to the performance area, both in business and sport.

Steve Wells has conducted over 28 years of research and study into high achievement, and spent the last 14 years researching Energy psychology methods and applying these to peak performance. As a result he has developed a new integrative approach called Peak Performance Energy Psychology. This approach integrates the newest Energy Psychology methods with enduring principles and processes for success.

Steve’s DVD on  Peak Performance Using EFT  from EFT Specialty Series 2 shows his depth of knowledge in this area. The original presentation resulted in a standing ovation from the over 150 participants who attended.

Steve’s 7-step process for peak performance is outlined in the article below.

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