Tapping for Values Conflicts

Ever felt like you are being pulled this way and that? How do you resolve the “inner civil war” and get what you really want? This video is a short excerpt from my (Steve Wells) Values Intensive Workshop, which shows you how to use tapping to release your negative beliefs and resolve your inner values conflicts […]


Video on Tapping for Long-term Weight Loss

In this video Steve Wells interviews Emma Watson about how she used tapping to successfully overcome her own emotional eating issues and reset her weight set-point, creating effortless, sustainable weight loss which has now lasted for over 12 years! On the right hand side you can see an excerpt from the list Emma wrote back […]


Tapping for Long-term Weight Loss: Changing Your Set-Point

Note from Steve Wells: Way back in 2005 Emma Watson used tapping to release her emotional attachments to food and weight issues. Over the next year or so she was able to effortlessly lose over 20 kg (45+ pounds) and keep it off. I first asked Emma to write about the process she used back in […]


How to face your fears and do the hard stuff

This week I have been inspired by a series of messages all pointing in the same direction: Facing your fears and doing the stuff you currently find hard is the most reliable way forward to meaningful happiness and success. We are all of us, everyday, faced with a number of choices. It’s too easy to […]


Webinar Recording: 20 Years of Tapping: Hard-won Success Secrets from a Tapping Expert

This is the recording of a free webinar given by Steve Wells where he describes his “warts and all” story of how he learned tapping and how he has used tapping over the past 20 years to help himself and his family, and to transform the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide. Steve […]

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