How to face your fears and do the hard stuff (Part 1)

This week I have been inspired by a series of messages all pointing in the same direction: Facing your fears and doing the stuff you currently find hard is the most reliable way forward to meaningful happiness and success. We are all of us, everyday, faced with a number of choices. It’s too easy to […]


Webinar Recording: 20 Years of Tapping: Hard-won Success Secrets from a Tapping Expert

This is the recording of a free webinar given by Steve Wells where he describes his “warts and all” story of how he learned tapping and how he has used tapping over the past 20 years to help himself and his family, and to transform the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide. Steve […]


Achieve Your MAD Business Vision Webinar Recordings

Here are the recordings from Steve Wells’s free Webinars on how to achieve your business vision to Make A Difference, by using tapping and Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) to overcome your emotional blocks combined with solid business success strategies. While the content is repeated Steve works with a different coaching volunteer in each webinar- Watch how he uses the same process […]


How Tapping & Intention Helped Me Reconnect to My Purpose

Last night I had a powerful experience using SET tapping and Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) which put me back in touch with my purpose. I journalled each step on my computer and I’m sharing those notes with you here in the hope that it helps you as much as it did me: I sit down to write […]


How Tapping on My Christmas Grief Brought Insights and Peace

By Steve Wells My Dad, Peter Henry Wells On Christmas Day in 2005 my father had a heart attack and passed away.  At the time I used tapping a huge amount to help me to deal with the shock and grief and to manage the emotional overwhelm of this life-changing event.  At first, I had to […]

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