Emotional Resilience Live Online

How to cope with pressure and succeed in tough and turbulent times

Live 3-session online program presented by Steve Wells

“Emotional Resilience may be one of the most important capabilities of our time.”

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What is Emotional Resilience?

Emotional Resilience is the capacity to manage stress and pressure and to bounce back from setbacks. It is an essential survival skill for life that underpins all other forms of human resilience. Emotionally Resilient people are able to weather the tough times and come out the other end stronger.
Developing your Emotional Resilience is about being able to manage – and change – your internal reactions to outside events so that you can change your whole life experience.
“I feel absolutely fantastic… more alive, content and at peace with myself than I can ever remember feeling. It’s like a heavy shroud of darkness has been lifted off me. I feel totally different in my body – bigger, stronger, lighter, more upright, full of potential …” – Charles C.
The only real certainty available today is the certainty inside yourself that you can cope with whatever happens. This program will help you to develop this crucial life capacity in yourself.
You’ll learn powerful techniques and develop your skills to:
successfully adapt to changing times and circumstances,
boost your confidence to take risks and change what you can,
develop your capacity to take advantage of life’s opportunities,
improve your overall emotional and life balance.

How the program will work:

In 3 x 60 minute live by video teaching and coaching sessions Steve Wells will teach you the 4 pillars of Emotional Resilience. He’ll show you how to use Simple Energy Techniques (SET), Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), and a range of other effective emotion management strategies to build your emotional resilience, and empower you to access your own inner strengths and capabilities.
You will be able to ask questions and also volunteer to be coached live by Steve. You’ll also gain “borrowed benefits” from tapping along with others. You’ll laugh as you learn with a master teacher.
You will also receive the recordings (technology willing) and be able to review them as many times as you like.

Your Presenter:

Steve Wells is an international leadership coach, author, and peak performance consultant based in Perth, Western Australia. He has a wealth of experience and expertise working with people from all walks of life to help them regain their passion for life and discover their true purpose.
Steve is co-creator (with Dr. David Lake) of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET). He has also developed Intention-based Energy Process (IEP). He has helped many thousands of people through his worldwide workshops.
Steve is the author of the bestseller 100% YES!® and is co-author of 4 other books including Enjoy Emotional Freedom. His programs are always fun and inspiring and filled with practical techniques you can use immediately to improve your life.

Dates and Times:

Live sessions will be held at 9.00am or 3.00pm Perth Western Australia time (GMT + 8) on the following dates:
*** Note that the date & times will vary depending on your time zone. For example, 9am Perth sessions will be Wednesday evenings in USA at 6pm Pacific time and 9pm Eastern time.
Click on the links below to find the time that suits your time zone:
Thursday 3 August  9.00am  3.00pm
Thursday 10 August 9.00am  3.00pm
Thursday 17 August 9.00am  3.00pm

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Call within Australia on: 08 9271 9271
International callers: +61 8 9271 9271
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Participation is contingent on your taking full responsibility for your own mental, emotional and physical health. You also must acknowledge that many of the techniques Steve will be using and demonstrating on the calls are experimental with no guaranteed outcomes for any particular user. Just because results have been positive for many others does not mean they will be for you. You further agree to consult your physician or professional therapist regarding your use of the techniques, especially if you are dealing with mental or physical health issues.
You will be responsible for connecting with the live video calls. If a call doesn’t happen due to a problem on our end, another call will be scheduled at a future date at a similar time. Recordings are dependent on technology, and not guaranteed so you are recommended to attend the sessions live.