Articles on Simple Energy Techniques (SET)

  • Enhancing Your Results with EFT and SET

    Aspects: Some problems have many aspects to them and each aspect should be handled with  a round of tapping as if it is a separate problem. When several aspects of an  emotional problem are present, you may not experience complete relief until all  aspects have been reduced to zero intensity.  Feelings – Aspects may be a […]

  • In Praise of Continual Tapping

    by Dr David Lake This post is about a small discovery that may be of interest to users of EFT. It is based on a clinical observation, but since the essence of acupuncture is continual point stimulation, it may be a useful bridge between acupuncture and acupressure. In the same way that the 7-point shortcut […]

  • Self-Acceptance and the EFT Set-up Statement

    By Steve Wells When using EFT, the first step is to design a set-up statement, which includes a self-acceptance statement combined with a description of the problem. Something along the lines of “I accept myself even though I have this (problem)”. Or “Even though I have this (problem), I deeply and completely accept myself.” The […]