Public Speaking Anxiety

How to Overcome Public Speaking and Presentation Anxiety

Public speaking and presentation anxiety is an extremely common problem which holds many people back from achieving their potential at work and in life. It is also a problem that SET and EFT can often provide excellent results with. If you want to learn how to use SET to overcome your fear so you can speak with confidence, start with the free material on this page.

Using SET to reduce presentation anxiety and the fear of public speaking

In this video, Steve Wells, and Rachel Green, Director of the Emotional Intelligence Institute demonstrate how to use Simple Energy Techniques (SET) to overcome anxiety and a lack of confidence when facing an audience so that you can speak in public with greater confidence.

Webinar: How to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety and Present with Confidence

Sit in on a free webinar presented by Steve Wells and learn how to overcome your presentation fears, manage anxiety and speak in public with more confidence and power. Steve shows how to use Simple Energy Techniques (SET), acupoint tapping to overcome public speaking anxiety so you can speak with confidence. He also shares some techniques used by professional speakers to connect with your audience and present well.

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