By Dr David Lake

My own definition of the goal of relationship is a devotional friendship, where the wounds from the poison of criticism are healed by compassionate acceptance. I advise the use of EFT and a lot of common sense whenever men and women (or gay partners) get together!

The reality of dealing with problems means that all the solutions depend on your personal growth and capacity for bearing with the hurt of change.

Finally this is a spiritual path toward unconditional love, usually only reached after giving and receiving large amounts of the conditional kind. Your partner’s happiness becomes the important part of your own happiness.

So often the most difficult thing is to accept the partner the way they are, without judging, or wanting to change them.

My wife has taught me the mysteries of acceptance, and our four daughters have taught me the female dialect. Naturally I take the credit for the results of this intensive training. Now-despite being confused on a very high level- I know enough to be dangerous.

Relationship Book:

Dr David Lake’s manual “She’ll be Right: Why Men Aren’t Getting it” will help both men and women to achieve the relationship success they desire.

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