Self Acceptance

If you’ve ever felt “Not good enough”, if you have negative beliefs, traits, or habits you don’t like, if you find it difficult to accept your light,  Self Acceptance is the place to start.

Self-Acceptance: Finding the Gifts in Your Shadow is a 4-part Audio Series by Steve Wells (with Jessica Ortner) NO series has ever generated as much interest as this one!

  • Addressing Self Acceptance Issues

    Steve Wells 4-part series on EFT and Self-Acceptance Personal Note from Steve Wells:  No series of articles which I have written has generated as much interest as this 4-part series on Self-Acceptance which I wrote originally for Gary Craig’s EFT newsletter. Many people have written to tell me of their own experience in conducting their […]

  • Validating Your Self

    By David Lake “We do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” — (C.G.Jung) This article is about accepting our ‘dark side’ using paradoxical methods (PET). Validate means to confirm or corroborate. {Valid: having some foundation, based on truth. The archaic meaning is robust, well (Collins English Dictionary)}. It means affirming a sense […]

  • Acceptance Tapping

    A powerful EFT treatment variation for severe compulsive disorders and bulimia This article was originally published in EFT Creator Gary Craig’s newsletter. It included this original introduction by Gary Craig: David Lake, MD from Australia provides us with an easy-to-use approach that has proven effective for even the most difficult of cases….such as OCD and […]

  • Self-Acceptance and the EFT Set-up Statement

    By Steve Wells When using EFT, the first step is to design a set-up statement, which includes a self-acceptance statement combined with a description of the problem. Something along the lines of “I accept myself even though I have this (problem)”. Or “Even though I have this (problem), I deeply and completely accept myself.” The […]