Trauma & PTSD

This page provides articles and links to resources on using EFT and SET tapping to treat trauma and PTSD. Dr David Lake has written an excellent overview on using EFT/SET for Trauma and PTSD along with the story of his own daughter’s experience during a terrorist attack and how he used EFT to help her gain relief from the trauma.

Tapping for Trauma and PTSD with Dr David Lake is an engaging 2-hour DVD presentation where Dr Lake illustrates how tapping using EFT / SET can be used to treat trauma and to assist those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to gain relief. The presentation also includes a live demonstration session on using tapping for treating traumatic grief and loss.

  • The Sun in my Soul – Trauma Tapping Changes Kathy’s life

    Note from Steve Wells: This article is written largely by Kathy (not her real name), a client who I worked with who presented with multiple traumas, including a sexual assault. It includes her inspiring words and helpful suggestions on self-help tapping for trauma relief and some clarifying notes from me about the tapping treatment. The […]

  • TRAUMA AND PTSD: An Overview of Treatment with EFT and SET

    by Dr David Lake (With thanks for inspiration from Gary Craig, and all the contributors to the EFT field here.) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Time does NOT heal. A strict definition of PTSD might refer to experiences involving wartime or deadly danger. This condition manifests in a group of symptoms and feelings, including problems such […]

  • Trauma Treatment for Children after a Terrorist Event

    This article was originally published in EFT Creator Gary Craig’s Newsletter following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Gary Craig has since evolved Gold Standard EFT with additional guidelines for treating trauma. Also, the tapping approach we use has since evolved into our much more user-friendly SET – Simple Energy Techniques. Find more on SET […]

  • Using EFT after a Terrorist Attack

    This article was originally published in EFT Creator Gary Craig’s EFT Insights Newsletter. His comments preface the article: Hi Everyone, This article is about an in-depth treatment of the trauma resulting from a terrorist attack. It is critical reading for those wishing to apply EFT in the event of future attacks. Dr. David Lake’s daughter, […]