Seeking Complete Freedom: Settle for Nothing Less

By Steve Wells

Many people approach EFT and SET with a limited understanding of their potential, and use them in a limited way – and therefore limit the benefits they can achieve from using them. I’d like to encourage you to expand your vision of the freedom you can achieve using these wonderful techniques.

I believe we should settle for nothing less than complete freedom. I mean this not only in terms of how we progress through each problem we work on but also the number and type of problems we choose to work on AND the goals we set for ourselves in life.

I believe we limit our freedom when:

We don’t consider using EFT / SET on every problem we have.
We don’t continue with the process until absolutely all of the remaining intensity is completely cleared.
We don’t test our changes out in the real world – or ensure that we have tested all possible provocations for the problem returning.
We only use EFT / SET in a remedial fashion to eradicate existing problems rather than using it to help us create new futures and achieve our ultimate goals.

Some people assume that because they have seen EFT / SET used to cure fears and phobias that fears and phobias are all it can be applied to. Others gain relief using EFT / SET on one problem but don’t realise they could apply them to other problems.

How often do we have other issues in our life to which we could apply EFT / SET but we “just don’t think” to do it. Let’s do as Gary Craig recommends and “try it on everything.” When you do you may be surprised just how much you can achieve. Yes, you will find it doesn’t work on everything. But you will also be pleasantly surprised to find that it will work in many areas where you may have thought it would not.

How many problems do we wallow in when we really could be treating them? And how often do we work on a problem for a time and get some success, but then allow the issue to build up again in our lives? Persistence in treating all the aspects in the early days may mean we no longer have to deal with the problem at a later stage. I have witnessed this with numerous clients who have diligently applied the technique to their physical issues over time, gaining progressively more and more relief. Their example now inspires me to continue until I too am completely free.

Test Your Results

When we work on a particular problem let’s continue until we are completely free. Let’s not assume that just because we can think about it in one way and it doesn’t affect us that the treatment is complete. Let’s test it in as many ways as we can – and especially, where possible, in the real world.

It is important to test completely – to see if there is any way of thinking about the problem or any manifestation or part of the problem that CAN upset us. If so, there is more to treat.

I first saw the true importance of aspects when I did a public demonstration of EFT soon after learning these techniques. A woman who had a phobia of birds was able to go from a position of absolute fear to thinking about a bird without a shred of fear. For some reason, the image of a flock of birds came into my mind while talking with her so I asked her “What if it was a whole flock of birds?” She instantly jumped back and her fear rose to an even higher level than before. Once we treated this aspect her fear was fully resolved and she was able to go outside looking for birds (she counted 24). I saw her some months later and she informed me she had gone for a walk through the aviary at the zoo without any problems at all.

In our group treatments for phobia sufferers we worked with people who had small animal phobias, and everyone in the group did rounds of EFT in unison whilst focusing on their particular problem. During this process I was astounded by how often the following scene would unfold. We would do a round of EFT and then I would check how intense people felt when they thought about their feared animal. As we went around the group there would be someone who would say for example, “It doesn’t affect me at all now. I think I’m cured!” My response was to test this and ask then to search for any aspect of the problem that was still upsetting to them. In a number of instances, however, the person would reply that they weren’t able to find anything else, and they were unable to bring up any intensity at all. However, as we proceeded around the group there would be another person who would say something like “I was feeling ok but then I started to think about a spider being on me and now I feel worse!” At this point the previous person would anxiously exclaim “Oh yeah!” as they were put in touch with another aspect of their fear.

We had examples of this with such issues as the spiders’ furry legs, the mouse’s tail, and the way the mouse moves, darting around rapidly. In each case a person in the group who thought they had either partly or fully resolved their problem was put in touch with another aspect which truly bothered them when these issues were raised by someone else in the group. I saw the value of group treatment in helping people to have a more complete healing by revealing specific aspects to work on. Since that time I have also conducted more extensive testing of treatments I have done with clients in order to ensure that all aspects of the problem that we can possibly think of together have been treated. I also like where possible to have proof in the real world that the change will stand up – And even then I’m not fully convinced. When they are in the problem place, I like to get the person to manipulate the situation in as many ways as possible to try to find something that provokes them. If nothing does I am more convinced, however I believe it is always important to realise that additional aspects may come to light. This is not a failure in the technique – just another part of the problem which requires treatment. Treat it and increase the range of your freedom even further.

I have formed the opinion that many of the treatments I conducted in the first few years of using these techniques were perhaps not the complete “cures” that I thought they were. And now I encourage my clients – as I encourage you now – to go for the complete change. Diligently search for things that upset you and treat them all. Go for complete freedom. Settle for nothing less.