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3 thoughts on “Subscription confirmation”

  1. Hi David,
    Just read your article The Quick Fix Part 2 and I agree with you EFT is not always the ‘Quick Fix’ that we hope for. As you mention, the issues people present with are often more complex and may take persistence. It is awesome when clients reduce their initial symptoms and have a cognitive shift, but often there is further work to be done to clear the ‘core issue’ which isn’t always as easy or quick to do.

    I was intrigued about the client you were unable to help eliminate the symptoms of a drug reaction. I am wondering whether you treated his drug reaction as an allergy reaction and used Sandi Radomski’s methods? Or did you look at the emotional factors as per normal EFT? I’m an EFT Practitioner myself and have just completed Allergy Antidotes training with Sandi Radomski and found her work with EFT and allergies quite inspiring. Would this be an avenue to persue with this client if you haven’t already?

    I love your newsletters by the way, they have some great info in them.

    Cheers for now,

  2. It would be wonderful to get proper feedback and statistics on success rates, but how does one measure effectiveness? Perhaps if a practitioner had unlimited sessions with the client, every case could be resolved. But if the client won’t pay for this, should this penalize the practitioner’s success rate? On the other hand is it fair for a practitioner to say that he/she offers a cure but only if the client agrees to a previously undisclosable number of sessions? What if the client changes his/her mind, and doesn’t want to heal? How successfully can anyone guess in advance how complex an underlying issue is? By definition, if it’s underlying, it’s invisible!

  3. as a nurse/midwife/reflexologist/eft and other therapies person I totally agree with both yours and Steve,s comments. This really is an example of how we have become the “quick Fix” society, there is very little patience and thought re how long it took for these conditions to arise and where and why, just how quickly things can be fixed, and how cheaply.My reaction to a “can you heal me” question, is always no I will assist you to heal yourself, it,s your learning journey not mine.

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