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SET for Life

The SET for Life Video Series is a series of short videos which will show you how you can use Simple Energy Techniques (SET) to gain relief from stress and negative emotions, achieve your goals, and improve the quality of your life. You can also see an overview video of SET and download our FREE Special Report here

SET Basics #1 Tapping Points used in Simple Energy Techniques

This first video in the SET Basics series demonstrates the tapping points used in SET and the basics of how to do SET.

SET Basics # 2: How to Apply SET to Relieve Emotional Problems

This second video in the series will show you how you can use SET to gain relief from the stress of negative emotions.

SET Basics #3: Working Directly vs Indirectly on Emotional Problems

This third video in the SET Basics series outlines how you can work both directly or indirectly on emotional problems using SET. In direct work, you focus on the different aspects, emotions, sensations, events, issues, beliefs and other parts of the problem. In indirect work, you simply tap on the energy points on a regular basis as a form of emotional fitness. This creates beneficial shifts in settling down the overactive alarm system in your nervous system and allowing the flow of your positive, optimistic life energy. We call this process energy toning.

SET Basics #4: FAQs about Using Simple Energy Techniques (SET) 

This fourth video in the series answers some commonly asked questions about using SET.

SET Basics #5: Four Main Ways to Apply SET to Change Your Life

This fifth video in the SET Basics series outlines 4 main ways to use SET tapping to change your life:
(1) Remedial; (2) Preventative; (3) Energy Toning; and (4) Creative

Note: SET is a technique, not a therapy in itself. The information in this video series is educational and general in nature, and intended for self-help purposes only. It is not meant to imply that everyone will benefit, or be cured, solely by their own efforts. A lack of progress may mean you need professional assistance. If you have long-standing or severe problems you should consider treatment with a qualified therapist, and consult a physician for all physical issues.

Want to learn more about SET?

Live Workshop DVD's and Online Recordings

In intriguing live sessions with workshop participants, Steve demonstrates how SET and other Energy Techniques can be used to provide relief for a range of emotional issues and problems including fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, and grief, and some physical symptoms. Join the participants as they learn and apply these exciting new “emotional acupressure” techniques, try SET for yourself and tap along and watch your life change.

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Live Workshops

Attend a live workshop and learn directly from Steve Wells, co-creator of SET. Find out more