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Is it wrong to be anxious about the coronavirus?

Actually, it’s quite normal. If you have NOT been stressed or anxious by some of the news that’s been flying around recently then either you are a totally enlightened Zen master or Buddhist monk, or (and this is perhaps more likely) you are in denial, which is just another type of fear, really.

But won’t getting anxious compromise your immune system and increase your chances of catching or dying from the virus?

More likely it will just be a distressing way of torturing yourself with images and projections of an apocalypse that really won’t come to pass.

They’re just thoughts and they’re just feelings, they are not prophecies.

Let’s face it, if you were so good at prophesying the future why haven’t you been able to win the lottery yet? And you’ve forgotten just how few of your worrying thoughts have ever come to pass.

No, it’s the belief that getting anxious and stressed will compromise your immune system that is the real problem.

Research has shown that the belief that stress will kill you is more significant than the actual amount of stress you have. Those who have lots of stress but don’t believe it will kill them have better survival rates than those with similar amounts of stress who believe it’s bad for them.

So having stressful thoughts and feelings is normal and the first part to getting over them might be acknowledging them, accepting them, even validating them, rather than denying them or trying to push them away (which, by the way makes them come more strongly), or making yourself bad or wrong for having these feelings.

And, by the way, if you are one of those people telling people that getting anxious or stressed will compromise their immune system, I suggest you stop spreading this nasty BS (Belief System!). By seeking to implant that belief you may be actually part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

And while you are at it, if you are one of the people saying “Don’t panic” please consider that nobody in the entire world has been led to panic less by someone imploring them not to panic!

We won’t get where we want by yelling at ourselves or by making ourselves or others wrong for their legitimate feelings.

So let’s start by saying that if you are feeling stressed or anxious that is perfectly natural and normal.

Ok, ok, ok but surely anxiety and stress is NOT good for you?

Sure, but it isn’t as bad as you THINK!

Mainly, all it does is tie you up in knots and make you feel bad in your own inner world.

Now there’s another thing I’d like to say and that is that anxiety may be normal, but it most definitely isn’t necessary!

Sure, it’s normal to get worried over what’s happening in the world, in fact almost everyone is doing it, even (especially) those who are telling others not to! (As an aside, the premier of our state mentioned the words “don’t panic” so many times in his speech the other day I suspected he was having a panic about panic!)

However, you aren't stuck with it and you CAN do some things to overcome your anxiety, especially with Intention Tapping.

I’d like to give you just a few examples here.

First, however, we need to understand what anxiety is, what is causing it, and how it is different to fear.

Fear is a survival reaction to a real and imminent threat and leads to increased arousal to help us deal with the threat by fighting it (fight), running away from it (flight), or playing dead (freeze).

Anxiety on the other hand is about a perceived threat which is not necessarily present.

Anxiety could be called fear of fear. It comes in many cases from a mind-created projection of something bad happening to us in the future and gives us an injection of fearful feelings to motivate us and mobilise us to avoid this potential threat.

What’s important to know here is that the fear-like feelings do not have to be attached to what we are projecting, it’s possible to consider a range of future possibilities even potentially bad ones without having to feel terrible while you do it.

How do you do this?

By using Intention Tapping to release your emotional attachments to what your mind is projecting. When you do, it leads to immediate relief from the anxious feelings AND empowers you to plan and prepare in whatever ways you need to in order to deal with any real threats or challenges you must face.

Here are a few places to start:

New to Tapping? Learn more here 

New to Intention Tapping? Learn more here

First, tap continually on the SET points as you use these intention statements. Start tapping now even as you are reading this!

Second, after making an intention statement, keep tapping and wait for the next aspect or part of the problem to arise. This could take up to a minute or even more. Patience here often pays big dividends.

Third, continue the process on each new aspect that arises by adapting the releasing and restoring statements to target whatever comes up, and keep tapping until you arrive at a place of more balance, clarity and calm.

Fourth, if you aren’t able to get there yourself, seek assistance from a practitioner or mental health professional.

So now, let’s begin with some general tapping on corona virus and on the anxiety itself:

I release all my emotional attachments to the corona virus

I release all my emotional attachments to all my anxieties about corona virus

I release all my emotional attachments to feeling anxious / anxious feelings

I release all my emotional attachments to what I should or shouldn’t be feeling and what I should or shouldn’t be doing

If you notice where in your body the anxious feelings are:

I restore the right energy flow to [this body area / these feelings]

I restore the right energy balance to [this body area / these feelings]

Now, apply Intention Tapping to the projections your mind is making which are likely driving your anxious feelings.

I release all my emotional attachments to the projection that [I will catch the virus]

I release all my emotional attachments to the projection that [if I catch the virus I will die]

I like to use the word “fantasy” instead or projections as it makes it clear that these are really mind-created scenarios rather than reality:

I release all my emotional attachments to the fantasy that [I will catch the virus and die]

I release all my emotional attachments to the fantasy that [my entire family will catch the virus and die]

I release all my emotional attachments to the projection that [the world is going to end, and this is the apocalypse]

Insert your own statements into the brackets and give it a go.

If you are not exactly aware what projections or fantasies your mind is creating, you can use this statement:

I release all my emotional attachments to all my projections and fantasies about the corona virus

I think it’s also important to release our emotional attachments to what others are doing or not doing.

Firstly, because there is an emotional contagion factor here, it’s quite possible for us to see others panicking and pick up on their feelings. Then we’re being driven by fears and anxieties that aren’t even ours!

Secondly, when we are judging others, we are really judging ourselves as we are the ones who get stuck with those bad feelings.

Try these intention statements, and for better results adapt to what you are really thinking and feeling:

I release all my emotional attachments to other people’s anxiety

I release all my panic at other people’s panic

I release all my emotional attachments to all the stupid people out there who shouldn’t be doing what they are doing

I release all my emotional attachments to what they should be doing that they are not doing

There’s a lot more, but hopefully this will give you some ideas and get you started.

When you release the emotional attachments that are behind your anxiety and your other emotional reactions, you will become more present to the reality that is unfolding before you and be able to respond appropriately to that as it is required.

And when you do, you’ll find that the world is still here, and there is a whole lot more living to do yet.


Steve Wells

PS: See also this recording of a live via video group coaching: Intention Tapping to Relieve Covid-19 Stress & Anxiety

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