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PET Certification Program

PET Practitioners Lenore Watts and Jacqui Manning with Dr. David Lake and Steve Wells
PET Practitioners Lenore Watts and Jacqui Manning with Dr. David Lake and Steve Wells

The PET Certification Program consists of the following elements:

  • Practical Understanding of EFT / SET
  • PET Workshop Training
  • PET Supervision
  • Background Reading

The components of each of these are detailed below.

(1) Practical understanding of EFT or SET
As a minimum, participants must have attended a workshop in Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and EFT with Dr David Lake and/or Steve Wells, and certify that they have used EFT/SET successfully with a minimum of 50 clients.

(2) PET Workshop Training:
Participants must complete 77 hours (11 days) of workshop training with Dr David Lake and / or Steve Wells.

At least 9 days (63 hours) of this requirement must be specifically gained from participating in PET workshops (i.e. workshops specifically titled "PET"). The remaining 2 days of this requirement (14 hours) may be gained from attending any of our other workshops, which incorporate PET. These include: Self-Acceptance; Peak Performance; Values Intensive, and 100% YES! (TM).

PET workshops include demonstrations of PET, practical exercises in which the main patterns underlying PET are illuminated and practised, theoretical discussions, and group experiential exercises. The key is to experience the PET approach and try out some of the patterns in a non-threatening environment. Immersion in the process is the key and the presenters reserve the right to exclude from certification anyone whose failure to participate might jeapordise their developing a deeper understanding of the PET process.

At all workshops, demonstration and supervision opportunities will be provided for certification candidates. A key feature of this level is focused smaller group learning, with an opportunity for bug-in-the-ear supervision sessions where the participants practice PET interviews under the supervision of the presenters with feedback and assistance provided on an ongoing basis.

NOTE 1: Participants may be credited with up to 3 days of PET workshops if they have previously participated in training in Provocative Therapy with Frank Farrelly, ACSW of similar duration. Up to 3 days of exemption can also be gained from trainings in Provocative Therapy or Provocative Style with Dr. Eleonore Hoefner.

NOTE 2: Participants may also be credited with up to 3-days of PET Workshops due to participation in the EFT/PET Retreat. The EFT/PET Retreat offers the experiential component but not the practical and supervisory component that is necessary for full PET Certification.

NOTE 3: The workshop component of PET certification will not be deemed to be met until you have completed a bug-in-the-ear supervision and demonstration session within a workshop setting where you demonstrate a PET interview for the group.

PET Workshop

(3) Supervision Program:
Each participant must complete a minimum of 8 hour-long Supervision sessions. These sessions, which are generally undertaken after the coursework is complete, are the final part of the Certification process, and must be purchased separately at the rate specified by the Supervisor. (Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 an hour for individual sessions, less for group sessions.)

Supervision sessions include activities such as reviewing actual client session recordings, discussing current challenges and alternate approaches, practice with various client scenarios, and other ways of focusing on the practical implementation of PET with clients. At least 3 of these supervision sessions must be held face-to-face with Steve Wells and/or Dr. David Lake, and some opportunities will be provided for individual and group supervision during each PET workshop. The remaining 5 supervision sessions may be over the phone in either group or individual settings, and you may have these with either Steve or David, or with Certified PET Practitioners of their choosing.

(4) Reading Program:
Each participant must read and demonstrate understanding of a number of theoretical and background articles and texts on Provocative Therapy, Provocative Energy Techniques, and related areas (e.g. Strategic Brief Therapy, Ericksonian approaches).

As a minimum, participants will be expected to be conversant with the following books:

Provocative Therapy by Frank Farrelly and Jeff Brandsma
New Energy Therapies (2nd Edition) by Dr David Lake and Steve Wells
Uncommon Therapy by Jay Haley.

We consider it highly desirable for you to also read and be conversant with at least some of the following texts(preferably all) :

Conversations with Milton H. Erickson by Jay Haley;
Phoenix: Therapeutic Patterns of Milton H. Erickson, by David Gordon and Maribeth Meyers-Anderson;
A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy by Brian Cade and William Hudson O'Hanlon.

PET Workshop Completion

Always remember, the most important thing...

PET Must be Approached - and Learnt - With an Open Mind AND, Most Importantly, Conducted with an Open Heart!

Although we can provide certificates of attendance at workshops, and even certificates of completion for those who complete all training requirements, ultimately we cannot certify your heart - It is up to you to keep it open at all times in working with your clients!

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