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I've introduced tapping to well over 300 corporations and businesses since I first learned it back in 1997, and I've also used it extensively in coaching with a large number of entrepreneurs and senior executives. Over this time I've learned a lot about how to best present tapping to the business world. Here's one key thing I've learned about presenting it to corporate groups:

When I introduce tapping to a corporate group for the first time, I rarely present it on its own. Rather, I present it within a framework and link it to results that they want in a program that offers solutions to their problems and gives them strategies to meet their needs and achieve their goals in areas of importance to them. So the topic probably won't be "tapping", instead it usually comes within another topic that relates to an important area of need they have defined.

For example, I have recently presented tapping to:

  • Senior leaders in a successful Real Estate firm on a 3-day Leadership Retreat, where I presented it as a tool for enhancing their performance as leaders and also for managing stress.
  • Business owners and managers from a variety of different businesses in a workshop on Presentation Skills, where I taught them how to use it to get over their public speaking fears and access their confidence when presenting;
  • Staff from a group of jewellery stores in a series of workshops on Increasing Sales and Improving Your Confidence;
  • Staff from an upmarket hairdressing salon in a workshop on Positive Thinking and Positive Feeling;
  • Several groups of real estate professionals as a tool to manage their emotional reactions to conflict, in workshops titled From Conflict to Cooperation;
  • 150 lawyers as a tool to stay at their peak and maintain a state of optimal wellbeing in a presentation on Sustainable Peak Performance;
  • A group of business owners and entrepreneurs as a tool to overcome barriers to performance within a workshop on Achieving the Vision: The Psychology of Peak Performance (This is a workshop I regularly present at Curtin University's Centre for Entrepreneurship)

Within these programs I position tapping as just one of a number of techniques they can use (a very very good one of course!!) for managing their mental and emotional states to achieve the results they desire. By introducing it in this way I've found there is a much greater chance it will be accepted, and many introductions like this have led to follow up group programs and individual coaching opportunities where people can then go deeper.

Of course, I've also presented specific corporate presentations and workshops just on tapping, but more often I've had success by introducing it initially within a framework they can understand related to an area of need they have identified that is important to them (and which I have knowledge and skills in).

You can have a business that takes tapping into the corporate world

I've coached tapping practitioners in how to do this, and supported them to develop their own business taking tapping into the corporate world. It's very rewarding on many levels:

1) You get to help lots of people to learn and benefit from tapping, many of whom would never attend a self-help seminar, visit a coach or counsellor, or purchase a book on tapping (and they are pleasantly surprised to learn such a useful tool at work, especially when they find it helps them to reduce stress and improve their results at work and home!)

2) The fees can be lucrative – You can earn many times what you would normally earn from working with individuals in regular coaching or counselling – One on one coaching programs with corporate executives can be charged at a higher rate, and group programs much higher.

3) You get to show corporate leaders how tapping can help them to reduce stress levels, increase  productivity and performance, reduce down-time…and you get to see the benefits on whole corporations when the benefits of tapping spread through the corporation.

Corporate Tapping Webinar

In this recording of a free live webinar I distil the main things I've learned on how to successfully take tapping into the corporate / business world, from my experiences in presenting tapping to over 300 different corporate and business groups in the past 18 years, and using it extensively in coaching with senior executives and entrepreneurs:

Corporate Tapping Program

I'm offering an online coaching and support program for those who are serious about creating (or growing) a business taking tapping into the corporate world, via workshops, seminars, and presentations that incorporate tapping, one on one coaching sessions for executives, managers, employees; and more. It is not designed for tapping newcomers and there are just 20 places available worldwide in the group program and 4 places for individual mentoring.

In this live training series, we will not only cover the main aspects of creating a business presenting tapping in the corporate area, we will also be using tapping and Steve's powerful new Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) during the sessions to help you overcome any emotional blocks you have to getting out there and doing it.

Find out more about the Corporate Tapping Program here

Want to learn more?

To find out about training in tapping and energy techniques click here

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