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The 5 Main reasons EFT / tapping practitioners aren’t making enough of a difference OR enough money – and how you can avoid them and be among the few who succeed!

(Note: This material also applies to many other businesses, so if you are in business read on!)

Steve Wells

By Steve Wells

Here's a sobering reality: Very few EFT/tapping practitioners worldwide are making the kind of impact or difference they really want to make. Most are not running their tapping businesses full-time, and very few are making enough to support themselves without the assistance of a job or partner to pay the bills. This includes many well-known and high-profile tapping practitioners.

If you are a tapping practitioner (or anyone in business) and you aren't making enough of a difference or enough money, I believe there are 5 main reasons why. Check which apply to you:

1. You think it is just about tapping and changing your "vibration"
2. You don't know the basics of running a successful business
3. You have emotional blocks to learning about business and taking certain business actions
4. You have emotional blocks and negative beliefs about failure and success.
5. You don't have strong enough reasons to take action right now

Let's look at each of these in turn AND along the way discover how it is possible for you to succeed by doing the stuff most other practitioners are not doing!

1. It's not just about tapping or changing your vibration, it's about taking action!

Note: This part of the article may upset some of you. If it does, tap on it!

Lots of people in the tapping world teach that success in business is all about your vibration. By vibration, they mean how you feel. Focus on what you want, get yourself to feel good, and success will come to you, they teach. Well, tapping to change your vibration is simply not enough to succeed in business. Rely on that alone and you'll be happily deluded but broke. Real world results are where it's at and if you are interested in real world results then read on.

Raising your vibration is nowhere near as essential to success in business as offering value and constantly focusing on how you can provide more and better value to other people. And raising your vibration is nowhere near as important to your ultimate success as getting into action and constantly adjusting your approach based on real world results.

Business results come from actually doing business. That means offering something of value out in the world and getting someone (or lots of someones) to pay you for it. It can't come from just sitting at home tapping on your "vibration". As one business philosopher once said, until you take action in the direction of your dreams you will attract nothing worthwhile.

ALL of the people teaching you that vibration stuff took action, they had to otherwise you wouldn't have even heard of them!

Changing your actions is more important to your business success than changing your vibration (and taking action does change your vibration more reliably than changing your thoughts). My research shows that those who are out there taking action are achieving results that are way ahead of those who are sitting at home tapping on their "vibration" or thinking their way to success.

Tapping can help if you apply it to overcome your blocks to taking action, but even then it won't take action for you: And without action, nothing will change.

Man who stand on hill with mouth open waiting for roast duck to fly in must wait very long time
- Chinese Proverb

Am I saying your vibration is not important? No! It IS important, it's just not the only thing. To really succeed, ultimately you need all 3: Good energy, good strategy and action. But if  you can have only one of them go for action. As long as you learn from your results, constantly adjust, and persist, you'll still do ok.

2. Most tappers don't know the basics of running a successful business.

This isn't as difficult as it might seem, and you CAN use tapping to get over your blocks to learning about business.

You need to first find out some business basics: Stuff like how to start a business in your country; your local tax and small business laws; understanding marketing and sales; and knowing the crucial difference between sales turnover and profits;  among other things.

It is also important to learn how to work on your business, not just in it, otherwise you'll be doomed to constantly working too hard. This concept was championed by Michael Gerber, in his great book The E Myth. This is the myth that entrepreneurs start businesses. Gerber says most businesses are actually started by technicians who have an entrepreneurial seizure!

A technician is someone who does the work; so for example a lot of people think ok, I know how to do tapping so I will set up a tapping business. However, just because you know how to do tapping with people does not mean you know how to run a business which offers tapping to people!

According to Gerber, in order to be successful a business requires at minimum an entrepreneur to set the vision, a manager to ensure the work gets done, and a technician to do the work. If the technician is running the business (as it is for the vast majority of tappers) then the business won't have an overall direction and everything probably won't manage to get done.

So for example we see tapping coaches who fail to send out their bills or invoices. Or they get some clients initially but fail to market as they go, so when they finish with those clients they have no new clients to replace them with. Sound familiar?

If this is you then you need to learn more about how to run a successful business.

According to Gerber, there are 7 main disciplines of business: Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Management, Client Fulfillment, Lead Generation, and Lead Conversion. Then there is business vision and strategy.

To be really successful you'll need to manage all of these, however you may be challenged with this if

3. You have emotional blocks to learning about business and taking business actions

It's almost guaranteed there are some items on the list above that are not your strong points. If you love tapping with people and that is what you are good at then that is probably what you want to do, not those other things.

If you do have some things on the list you are good at, there will be others you lack the same knowledge or skill set or aptitude for. And it's almost guaranteed there will be at least one area of business you outright feel bad about. Like finances. Or sales. Or marketing. Or something else.

For me the problem area was marketing. When I first started out I didn't want to have to market my business, I just wanted people to discover how brilliant I was. I wanted someone else to take that over for me. I even saw the whole area of marketing as a little bit icky, as in slick salesy, and not nice.

But without marketing your business has no sources of new leads, which means no sales, which means no money, no people helped, and ultimately no business. So it is imperative you learn how to market, or find someone you can pay to do this for you.

Fortunately for me back then I attended a seminar with someone who loved marketing. Not only did I learn from him some simple marketing tips, I also experienced a shift in feeling. I started to feel that marketing was not really so hard, I saw that it could be done ethically and honourably, and I realised it could actually be quite fun. That's why I always recommend learning from experts who love what they do, you not only get information you'll also get the transfer of feeling.

In working with tapping practitioners I've found these are some of the typical blocks they have:

  • Not knowing what to do first, or next, or at all
  • Not knowing how to best market their services
  • Not being willing to ask for the sale
  • Not being willing to charge for their services
  • Not charging enough to pay their bills
  • Not good with managing finances
  • Being generally disorganised
  • Wasting time on minor activities
  • Among many others

Too many people are waiting by their phone or computer for someone to contact them. You have to overcome this so you can go for it! However a big reason you may not is because

4. You have emotional blocks and negative beliefs about failure and success.

What I can say after working with thousands of business people over the past 18 years is that many people think fear of failure is their main problem but they are surprised to discover that they also have fear of success.

The way to test yourself on this is to think of yourself being successful and step into the picture. If that doesn't feel completely positive and comfortable then at some level you have a negative association with succeeding. Until you can be completely comfortable with the idea of being there, then you certainly won't go there. At some level, part of you will be holding back.

If ultimate success does feel comfortable then consider what you believe would be necessary for you to do to achieve it. Perhaps you have negative associations to what you'd have to do or become in order to be successful? Guaranteed if you are not totally going for it right now then at some level you fear failure and you may also fear success.

Overcoming these fears is essential if you are going to create an enduringly successful tapping business (or any business).

Even if you overcome your fear of failure and fear of success, you still won't go for it IF

5. You don't have strong enough reasons to do something about it right now.

Without urgency desire loses its power - Jim Rohn

You can succeed by doing the things others aren't willing to do - It actually isn't that hard. Once you overcome your emotional blocks and learn just a few business basics you'll be surprised by what is possible for you - and your business.

However, the challenge is that many people are too comfortable staying where they are right now. Or they are uncomfortable with where they are but not uncomfortable enough. Their fear outweighs their desire.

Perhaps they have someone paying the bills, or they are just scraping by, and taking action might upset the applecart. Whatever the case, if you are going to do something different you are going to have to get outside your current comfort zone.

I teach in my courses that success is on the other side of your current comfort zone. Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don't do.

If you're going to do that then you have to discover some really strong reasons. After all, who wants to feel uncomfortable? Nobody. Not unless there will be something better on the other side.

The key has to be that by taking action you are going to achieve something great, something you really want, something that will make it all worthwhile. This is about creating a business that reflects your values, the things that are really important to YOU. Like making a difference, providing for your family, that kind of thing (whatever it is for you).

With tapping, we have the potential to overcome the emotional blocks and barriers that are creating the discomfort that has been holding us back from going for it and creating the business that reflects our own uniqueness. We have the potential to overcome any inner blocks that are preventing us from living our true values and creating a business that reflects those values. To create something of true value and manifest our best life and realise our magnificent business vision.

Want to really go for it?

My Business Breakthrough course is designed to address all 5 of these blocks to your business success as well as help you identify the specific beliefs and emotional blocks that are holding you back from having the business success you desire. It is designed to empower you to create a business that reflects your best self, allows you to manifest your vision, and provides fuel for living your best life.

What qualifies me to offer this?

I have lots of skill and experience in helping people to overcome negative emotional and belief blocks and a great track record of helping people like you to succeed.

I've been in business full-time for 18 years, 15 of those using tapping. All that time I've been the sole breadwinner for my family, and I have worked with thousands of business owners, from single person start ups to large enterprises and I have many success stories among them. This includes those who've doubled or tripled the size of their business as well as their business profits. This also includes many tapping coaches and practitioners who are just starting out who have moved from helping a few friends to being full-time in business, making a positive difference in the world for multiple paying clients and loving it!

I've helped people move from zero to 5, from 5 to 6, from 6 to 7 figures and even in a couple of cases right up to 8 figures in annual turnover! I've also helped business owners who were working too hard discover how to have a better quality of life while working less.

What's most rewarding is that I've been able to help people to achieve these results while building a business that reflects their values and which fits into their lifestyle!

If these sound like the sorts of results you are interested in, here's where to go to find out more:



There's an extra special rate available RIGHT NOW for both workshops, with limited numbers, so you'll need to act now.

Note: Business Breakthrough is NOT for everyone. If you are not absolutely committed to building a successful business, doing the inner work and taking action then it isn't for you. There's a strict limit on numbers specifically so that I can work personally with as many people as possible, so you'll need to be willing to put yourself and your business in the focus. You also must be willing to have fun as you learn: nobody will be allowed entry who does not have a working sense of humour. We're going to focus on getting results and we're going to have a lot of fun doing it!

Want to learn more?

To find out about training in tapping and energy techniques click here

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