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All practitioners listed on this page have personally trained with Steve Wells and Dr David Lake and have worked with at least 50 clients using these techniques at time of first listing. We currently provide 3 levels of listing:

Level 3 PET Practitioners  Our most highly trained and experienced practitioners

Level 2 Advanced Energy Practitioners  

Level 1 SET Practitioners 

All practitioners listed here also have various counselling / coaching qualifications, however these do vary so we recommend you call the practitioner prior to making an appointment with them and request information regarding their experience with your particular issue.

PET Practitioners

PET Practitioners are our most highly trained and experienced practitioners. We list PET Practitioners using the following minimum criteria:
• Those who have trained with Steve Wells and/or Dr. David Lake personally, completing a minimum 77 hours (11 days) of workshop training.
• Have used SET/PET/EFT with at least 50 clients
• Demonstration of their use of PET at a workshop with supervision
• Apply PET as a key technique in their practice
They are highly skilled and experienced practitioners, who have demonstrated their PET skills at a workshop, and are committed to ongoing supervision of their PET practice.

Australian PET Practitioners

Western Australia:

Steve WellsSteve Wells is an internationally recognised psychologist and peak performance expert who holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology from Curtin University. He has trained extensively and personally with Gary Craig (creator of EFT) and Frank Farrelly (creator of Provocative Therapy). With Dr David Lake, Steve has created the user-friendly approach Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and the advanced approach Provocative Energy Techniques (PET). Steve regularly consults and presents worldwide on peak performance and was one of the first to apply Energy Psychology extensively in this area. Steve has co-written 4 books on Energy Techniques including Enjoy Emotional Freedom.Steve specialises in: Peak Performance, Anxiety/Depression, Trauma, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues
Practice Details: Inglewood, Western Australia
Phone: 08 9271 9271 Contact by email

 New South Wales:

Dr David Lake is a medical practitioner who has been in private practice since 1977. He is currently involved in full-time counselling, psychotherapy and supervision training from his practice in the Northern beaches of Sydney. Steve Wells and David Lake are the originators of SET (Simple Energy Techniques) and PET (Provocative Energy Techniques). Dr. Lake completed comprehensive training in medical hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy, Analytic Psychotherapy, Provocative Therapy, EMD/R, EFT and BSFF. He is the bestselling author of Strategies for Stress and She’ll Be Right – When Men Aren’t Getting It. He is co-author with Steve Wells of Enjoy Emotional Freedom.David specialises in: Trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues
Practice Details: Newport New South Wales Australia Phone: (02) 9997 3848


Jacqui ManningPsychologist Jacqui Manning has been using and teaching meridian tapping (starting with EFT and evolving to SET and PET) since 1999 and it is a core tool of her practice. She is always delighted at the speed with which results can occur using tapping alongside her counselling and coaching skills, and has helped hundreds of clients over the years conquer panic attacks, phobias, limiting self-beliefs, childhood trauma, health issues, public speaking fears and much more. Specialties: Anxiety, work stress, relationship problems, health stress (including fertility/conception)
Contact Details: Darling Street Health 1/51 Darling Street Balmain East New South Wales Australia 2041 Tel: 02 9555 8806 web: or


Rocky Biasi is a Counsellor and Nationally recognised Educational Consultant who holds degrees in Education and Counselling. He has trained extensively with Dr David Lake (Clinical Supervisor) and Steve Wells in Simple Energy Techniques (SET), Peak Performance Coaching and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) and is a Clinical Member of the Counsellors and Psychotherapist Association of NSW. Rocky has had experience as a Secondary High School Teacher, School Counsellor, currently in Private Practice. With this training and expertise in human behaviour change and education Rocky regularly travels around Australia presenting his Conscious Classroom Management and Accidental Counsellor Training to teachers. Rocky specialises in: Peak Performance, Relationships, Anxiety/Depression, Trauma, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues
Practice Details: Glenmore Park Sydney New South Wales Phone: 02 4737 8401 Fax: 02 47378760 Website:


Lenore (Lennie) Watts is a warm, passionate and engaging PET therapist who has been in private practice since 2001.  She works with people to help them with the often over-whelming feelings of anxiety, shame, stress, sadness, fear, phobias, grief and anger. People talk to her about a whole range of issues however in more recent years have come to discuss their struggles with infertility, IVF or other treatments they are undertaking to help them create a family, including donor conception and surrogacy.  After 17 years of infertility Lennie and her husband now have twin children (a boy & girl born in 2014) through overseas surrogacy using a donor egg. Lennie feels that her professional and personal journey combined have helped her immensely in working with people as they negotiate this very big and personal journey. People can have sessions with Lennie at her practice in Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast or via Skype.

Contact Details: Circle Wellness Clinic, 16/247 David Low Way, Peregian Beach Queensland 4573   Tel: (07) 5471 2201 or 0418 117 580


Loretta WalfordPsychotherapist, Counsellor & Coach is a Clinical Member of CAPA & PACFA. She holds a Bachelor of Counselling & Human Change and a Grad Dip. in Relationship Therapy. Loretta has trained extensively in EFT, SET & PET with Dr David Lake (Clinical Supervisor) and Steve Wells. Since 2002 she has integrated these modalities in her work with her clients, which she found has produced accelerated results for them. She specialises in Relationships, Infertility Issues, Life & Career Transitions, Stress, Grief & Loss and Organisational Change.
Contact Details: Practice Details: Mosman NSW. Phone 0411 023 565 Email: Website:


Lucinda McKay is a registered psychologist, her training is in counselling psychology. She has used EFT/SET since 2000. Lucinda provides wellbeing programs to organisations, and in private practice works with people affected by trauma, as well as grief and loss, stress, relationships, health and birth issues, life transitions and more.
Practice Details: Yarra Ranges Counselling Group, Upwey Victoria.
Phone: (03) 9752 5086 and (03) 8288 1744  Web:

 International PET Practitioners


Lynda MalersteinBCH, CHT After overcoming a 30 year eating disorder using the techniques I use to help clients, I specialize in weight and body issues. I am a Board Certified Hypnotherapist in private practice since 1999. I have studied EFT with Gary Craig and am an experienced PET practitioner under the tutelage of Steve Wells and David Lake. I have contributed to several book anthologies and speak extensively on the power of the mind to produce healing. Whatever your issue, I’d love to talk to you and explain how my techniques can help you. I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation. Give me a call. 310.228-3160 I specialize in: Weight Loss, Fertility, Overcoming Fears, Insomnia, Pain Management, Confidence
Contact details Power Journeys Hypnosis 2211 Corinth Ave., #309 Los Angeles,CA, USA 90064 (310) 228-3160

Ed FieldsDr. Ed Fields has over 25 years of practicing clinical psychology in the medical setting. He specializes in helping people deal with and reduce the symptoms of stress related conditions, anxiety and depression. His practice consists of counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching and he uses such powerful techniques as Provocative Energy Therapy (PET), Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Dr. Fields is a U.S. Army Veteran and has extensive experience in providing services to Veterans suffering from combat related PTSD and re-adjustment to civilian life after discharge. In addition, he has long experience in Crisis & Disaster Mental Health and has taught many classes on the subject for the American Red Cross. Counseling and Therapy can be provided on a face to face basis and coaching can be done by Skype.
Contact details Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA 
Phone: 970 264 1313, email: edwardbfields [at]

United Kingdom:

Andy Bryce developed Breakthrough Bodywork in 1988. He is an EFT Master Practitioner, a Reiki Master and Inspirational Life Coach. He has published numerous articles on EFT and Spiritual growth. He has been working with Energy Healing and Metaphysics for over twenty five years. Andy has been working with Steve and David for five years with SET and PET. He has co-presented workshops with them in the United Kingdom and in Sydney, Australia. Andy is now presenting Simply Divine Relationship Training workshops with his wife Maxine Henk-Bryce. Andy is available for one to one sessions on Skype or phone. He and Maxine currently reside in London, United Kingdom.
Contact Details:
Skype- spiritcoach New York: +1-845-382-9284 London +44-0798-968-9807 


Emma Roberts is an EFT Master and Trainer, and co-founder of The iEFT Centre in London, UK. She is one of the originators and pioneers of Integrated Energy Techniques (IET), bringing together energy psychology and the very best ways of working with Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, Cognitive Psychotherapy and Psycho-spiritual approaches. She is author of ‘Even Though I Have Cancer….’ and her greatest wish is to see EFT integrated within mainstream medicine.
Practice Details: SW London, United Kingdom Phone: +44 208 7044704

Ruth Fox is an Energy Therapy practitioner who is passionate about helping people to heal and free themselves. She brings the insights and experience of her own life and healing journey to her work. Along with one-to-one healing sessions conducted face to face and via telephone, Ruth teaches workshops in emotional freedom, healing and awareness.
Practice Details: Sheffield, United Kingdom Mobile : 00 44 (0)7961 044 949 Landline: (+44) 0114 201 4092


Dr. Eleonore (Noni) Hoefner is the most prominent representative of Provocative Style® in Germany. She holds a Diploma in Psychology and Ph.d. in Philosophy from the University of Munich, has trained intensively for decades with Frank Farrelly, creator of Provocative Therapy and has certificates in NLP, Hypnotherapy and EMDR. In 1988 she founded the German Institute of Provocative Therapy and developed Provocative Style as an efficient and humorous way of communicating to resolve problems and conflicts. She presents at congresses and trains doctors, psychotherapists, trainers, coaches and managers. Noni has written several books and regularly appears as an expert on radio and TV. In her Private Practice she works as a psychotherapist, coach and supervisor for individuals, couples and families.
Practice Details: D-81477 Munich, Germany, Hofbrunnstr. 76, Phone: +49-89-79 82 77 Fax: +49-89-791 62 38
Email: Website:


Elke Borchardt
is a psychotherapist working in her own private practice in Filderstadt/Germany. She has trained personally with Frank Farrelly, Albert Ellis and Steve Wells and David Lake. She’s using the provocative style in her therapies, Provocative Energy Techniques (PET), Rational Emotive Therapy (RET), Eye Movement Therapy (EMI – Danie Beaulieu) as well as hypnosis (M.ERICKSON). She specialises on the treatment of anxiety and depression, trauma, psychosomatic disorders, self assertiveness and self esteem issues and couple therapy.
Contact details Hermann-Löns-Weg 2 70794 Filderstadt Germany
Phone: 0 (049) 7158 42 47 fax: 0 (049) 7158 61369 E-mail:


Anke Köenemann works as a psychotherapist in her private practice and as a trainer / consultant for institutions and companies. As a certified translator she translates for various English speaking trainers and therapists. She trained extensively and personally with Steve Wells, Dr. David Lake (PET, SET) and Frank Farrelly (Provocative Therapy) and is also a certified NLP-trainer and member of the DIP (German Institut for Provocative Therapy). She co-founded a Montessori school and is the head of the department of intergenerational learning at this school. Anke specialises in:Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues, Trauma, Relationship and Family Issues
Practice Details: Munich, Germany Phone: 00 49 89 36102551
Fax: 00 49 89 36102557 Email:

Michael BauerMichael Bauer started working as a Classical Homeopathist and counsellor in 1986. Since 2006 he has incorporated various Energy Techniques into his practise. He applies PET as a stand-alone method to a wide range of issues integrating therein his skills of pointing by leitmotifs and themes of the homeopathic remedies and of acupuncture meridians. Michael understands PET as “homeopathy, by utilizing problems, converting and preparing them to cordial-humorous remedies and potentizing them via continuous tapping“. Specialisations: psychosomatic and chronic illnesses, relationships, family and school problems, grief, abuse, trauma, biographical transitions, self-esteem.Michael also works over the phone and Skype.
Practice Details: D-72108 Rottenburg am Neckar – Germany
Phone: 0(049)7472 27277 fax: 0(049)7472 2830686
E-mail: Website:


Andrea Fredi is a coach and an Energy Techniques Trainer. He largely contributed to the diffusion of EFT and other techniques in Italy and Switzerland, where he lives. Andrea combines different methods as EFT, SET, PET, Logosynthesis, AGER in a unique blend that helps to raise the consciousness of the problem, transforming it into a resource. Andrea can also work over the phone through Skype (andreafredi).
Practice details: Lugano Switzerland Phone +41767727337 (CH) or +39 3356646951 Italy


Virna Trivellato is a LVirna Trivellatoife Coach and an EFT master and trainer using an approach that mix elements taken from Brief Therapy, treatments with the hero’s journey. She is the first woman in Italy to complete the entire PET Certification training. She specializes in Relationship issues, Business, Parenting, Coach Training, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues. She has written an E-book about EFT and has a blog where she posts every week articles about how to successfully use energy techniques on several different issues.

Virna also works over the phone and Skype.

Practice details: Padova Italy Phone +39 3485417466 Italy

Email:    Skype: almablu13



Yves Wauthier Freymann Yves Wauthier Freymann is co-director of the Institute for Training in Psychotherapy Therapeutia and representative of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) for Belgium. He is a psychotherapist specializing in brief therapy and treatment of post traumatic stress and certified trainer in Energy Psychology (EFT, TAT ®, REMAP ®), Neurological Therapist Practitioner (eye movements), TIPI, Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP or practitioner in Internal Family System (IFS) and Logosynthesis. Apart from being a certified practitioner in Provocative Energy Techniques Yves is also a sex therapist, Reiki master teacher and practitioner of traditional energy therapies such as Seiki and Shiatsu.
Yves specialises in working with simple and complex trauma and attachment disorders, OCD and addictions. He works with just as many adults as children or adolescents.
Practice Details: Therapeutia, 20 rue Félix Bovie, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium
Phone: +32 (0)2 640 60 69

 New Zealand

Rehana WebsterRehana Webster, EFT and NLP Master and Trainer has over 20 years in counselling and coaching and is the developer of TBT – Trauma Buster Technique, a synthesis of NLP and EFT which is designed to eliminate the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress. Steve Wells introduced Rehana to Frank Farrelly and his unique style of provocative therapy many years ago and she has attended several workshops and seminars with Steve and David over the past years, she loves this style of foundational change work.Rehana’s passion is for helping people who are chronically traumatized in war zone areas or suffering from the effects of natural disasters. She delivers TBT workshops worldwide and her details can be found on her webpage. Rehana is available for phone/skype sessions as well.
Practice Details: New Zealand

Sue MarsdenSue Marsden is a Palliative Medicine Physician with a background in Radiation Oncology. During her early years in Palliative Care she had the good fortune to receive training from Elisabeth Kubler Ross and her organization and became part of her Australasian facilitating staff. Through this she learnt the critical importance of self- awareness when working with others.
She was introduced to EFT in the late 1990s and is very grateful to have trained with Steve and Dave using SET/PET. The effectiveness and gentle simplicity of SET and PET make them ideal techniques for use in Palliative Care for patients and families, and in Trauma Recovery. Sue is also involved in trauma recovery work and teaching Palliative Care in under-resourced parts of the Asia Pacific region.  She is keen to see SET/PET  incorporated into health care as empowering tools to be used alongside conventional management.
Practice Details: Auckland and Northland New Zealand
Mobile: +64 21466239


Rym Dagouraï originalRym DAGOURAÏ is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trauma Therapist. She has a background in Psychoanalysis-Ego states therapy-Addictology. Rym uses PET, S.E.(Somatic Experiencing)
Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP in her practice. Her therapy focuses on developing self-regulation at biological and psychological levels. She works with adults, children, and couples. One to one sessions on Skype available.
Practice Details: Paris, France Phone: +33 (06) 09 15 25 61 Email: rym.dagourai [at]

Level 2 – Advanced Energy Practitioners

Requirements for Listing Include:-

•Completion of a minimum of a 6 days (42 hours) of workshop training with Steve Wells and / or Dr. David Lake
•Apply SET as a key technique in your practice
•Show that you have used SET/EFT with at least 50 clients
•Supervision program – Must complete at least 3 sessions of supervision on your practice of SET with clients
•Have skills and training in counselling or psychotherapy, or as a minimum complete additional training in Energy Counselling

Australian Advanced Energy Practitioners

Western Australia:

Ms Susan Medica is a Registered Counselling Psychologist (M. Psych) with over 20 years experience. Susan has been using EFT/SET techniques since 1999 across a wide variety of presenting problems. including women’s issues, life transitions, anxiety/stress, crisis-management, work-life balance, grief and loss, childhood abuse/trauma, career counselling and workplace-related issues.
Practice Details: Location: Inglewood, Western Australia Phone: 08 9271 9271: Fax: 08 9271 2250


Jennifer Wilson is a Psychologist who specialises in transforming lives by helping people change their mindset to achieve their goals and aspirations. Jennifer uses Energy Psychology and an eclectic range of psychological techniques to work through anxiety, fear and phobia that blocks success. Jennifer is highly sought after for her expertise in working with fertility.
Practice Details: South Perth, Western Australia Phone: +61 (0)8 9368 1100; Fax: +61 (0)8 9368 4400;


Emma Watson is a psychologist in private practice. In 2005 Emma successfully lost approximately 20 kilos using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She now helps individuals and groups conquer emotional eating and achieve with their weight loss goals using Simple Energy Techniques (SET). Emma has also worked extensively with child/adolescent issues, particularly the treatment of anxiety and depression. Emma specialises in: weight loss, overcoming emotional eating and the treatment of child and adolescent issues.
Practice Details: Bunbury, Western Australia
Phone 0429883984


Megan PauleyMegan Pauley has been on a personal growth path with tapping since 2002 and is passionate in sharing this simple, yet amazing technique with others. She can help strengthen your resilience and enthusiasm, guiding you with tools to help yourself using kindness, honesty and patience. Megan understands the seasons of rural life and the big and small issues that arise. She can help you move forward with finances, business, health, goals, career, kids, or dealing with daily events.
Face to face visits available in Perth and Pingelly, or via Skype or phone.
Contact Details: Perth and Pingelly Western Australia
Phone: 0400849447 Email: meganpauley [at]


New South Wales:

Meagan Johnson is a qualified and professional Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Homeopathic Practitioner committed to your physical and emotional wellbeing. Using the combination of homeopathic medicine, psychotherapy and EFT/SET, Meagan specialises in anxiety and depression and the physical ailments which may accompany these mood disorders.
Practice Details: Location: Newtown, New South Wales
Phone: 0412 200 568   


Margaret Munoz is highly regarded worldwide as a facilitator of transformation and breakthrough experiences. With an extensive background in human potential, personal growth and wholistic health she is a powerful catalyst for those who want to create change and live their greatest passions and deepest aspirations. She has written two popular books on EFT
Practice Details: Sydney, New South Wales Phone: 02 9713 1956
Email: Website:


Teya Skae M.A. is a registered Kinesiologist & Integrated Health Care Practitioner. She has taught the subject of ‘fears, phobias and addictions at government accredited college in Sydney. After overcoming a 12 year eating disorder an array of personal and health challenges Teya knows how to work with the mind/body/stress response and has proven success in the area of migraines, brain fog and fatigue, emotional eating, depression & anxiety from relationship stress/break ups. She utilizes an integrated approach SET, PET, EFT and biochemical balancing to overcome chronic issues & multiple symptoms.
Most of the time Teya uses skype: teya.skae
Bella Vista Clinic: 8824 6792 M: 0416 290 100


Christine Bennett is a Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Clinical Member of CAPA, PACFA, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, MAppSci. Christine trained with Dr David Lake and Steve Wells and has been practising Energy techniques with clients in her private practice since 2001. She specialises in: Relationship Issues, transforming negative thinking/emotions/beliefs, fostering self-confidence, healing addictions, grief and loss, self-esteem and Family of Origin issues.
Practice Details: Mosman, New South Wales
Phone: 0418 226 961


Kerry GallenKerry Gallen is a counsellor who holds degrees in both Counselling and Education. She has extensive experience in working with children from all backgrounds and is very aware of culturally sensitive issues with her clients. She has trained extensively in SET with Steve Wells and Dr David Lake and specialises in self confidence, anxiety, peak performance and self esteem issues. Registered member of CAPA.
Practice Details: Greystanes and Caringbah, New South Wales Phone: 0401 448491 | Email:


Helen RutherfordHelen Rutherford is a psychotherapist, relationship counsellor and supervisor in private practice on Sydney’s North Shore. Helen has a degree in Psychology and is a certified Transactional Analyst with national and international recognition. She also holds clinical status as a registered member of several psychotherapy and counseling associations. Helen works with difficulties such as: Low Self-esteem/Self-confidence; Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Childhood Trauma, Relationship Breakdown and Stepfamily Formation.
Practice Details: St Ives, New South Wales
Phone: 02 94409307 or Mobile 0438409307


Sharon MullanSharon Mullan is a Stress & Trauma Therapist, and qualified Counsellor. She has trained extensively with Dr David Lake (Clinical Supervisor) and Steve Wells in Simple Energy Techniques (SET). Sharon is also a qualified practitioner of Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). Growing up in Ireland gave Sharon a glorious sense of humour. This and her loving heart are her greatest skills. She has worked with young children, teenagers, adults and the dying. Sharon’s passion is to teach people to self soothe, make peace with their hurt and find happiness in this life.
Clinic Details: Lismore, NSW
Phone: 0498 38 32 32 | Email: talktome [at]


Fiona Dimas-HerdFiona Dimas-Herd is a Counsellor, Coach, Educational Consultant and Teacher with professional experience spanning more than 30 years and qualifications and training including: B.Ed, M.A, NLP, Hypnosis as well as SET and PET with Dr David Lake (Clinical Supervisor) and Steve Wells. Fiona is also a certified Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher and is currently studying Interpersonal Neurobiology. Fiona has been using SET (particularly with adolescents) since 1999. She specialises in youth issues including School/University/Social Anxiety and Self-Esteem.Practice Details: Narrabeen New South Wales
Phone: 0412828083 Email: fiona [at]



Jo_Knorr - CopyJo Knorr has over 25 years experience working both within organisations at executive management level and as a leadership development specialist, peak performance advisor and coach with a range of organisations. She specializes in working with leaders and emerging leaders and is passionate about helping people to perform at their peak in every aspect of their life.Practice Details: Melbourne, Mobile: 0408 082 048Email: joknorr [at] Website:

 International Advanced Energy Practitioners

Sue Hughes is a Healthy Weight Acceptance Coach based in London. Having had a lifelong eating disorder, she is well-placed to help those stuck in the diet trap. Sue fell ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2009 and, as part of her full recovery, trained in NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching. She has increasingly used SET and PET in her work since she met Steve Wells and David Lake.  Sue’s professional background is as a musician, and she brings this experience to her therapeutic  work. Weight, generalised stress and anxiety, self acceptance and performance issues are Sue’s forte.  She works chiefly by Skype. 
Practice Details: Location: London, United Kingdom
Email: sue.integrity [at] 


Maxine Henk-Bryce is Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Master Practitioner in NLP and an AAMET certified EFT trainer. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in personal development, peak performance within the corporate sector and relationship issues. Maxine uses EFT/SET techniques to assist her clients to successfully transform areas such as stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, stage fright, fear of public speaking and inner conflict.
Practice Details: Location: West London, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7977 067 496 Email:
Website: &


Sebastiaan van der SchrierSebastiaan van der Schrier offers Skype sessions to overcome Social Anxiety. He has overcome severe social anxiety and has gained extensive coaching experience from 1000’s of hrs coaching socially anxious clients since 2009. He’s the host of a podcast show “Social Anxiety Solutions“) where he interviews many of the tapping experts he’s studied under. He’s studied under several of the EFT Masters and his coaching has also been supervised by Dr. David Lake. He’s EFT level III, EFT-ADV, Matrix Re-Imprinting Prac. ProEFT level III, NLP prac. and PSYCH-K prac.
All details and contact:

Level 1 – SET Practitioners

Requirements for Listing Include:-

•Completion of a minimum of 2.5 – 3 days of workshop training (minimum 17 hours) including a basic workshop and an advanced workshop
•Have some skills and training in counselling or psychotherapy or complete an Energy Counselling workshop
•Apply SET as a key technique in your practice
•Show that you have used SET/EFT with at least 30 clients
•Supervision sessions – Minimum 2 supervision sessions on your practice of SET with clients

Australian SET Practitioners

New South Wales

  • Dr Dave Howsam
    Medical Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist
    Phone: (02) 9569 2587
  • Philipa Thornton
    Medicare Registered Psychologist
    Sydney Eastern Suburbs
    Phone: 0434 559 011
    Self Esteem, Anxiety, Relationships.


  • Linda Wilson
    Cranbourne Family Chiropractic
    15 Cranbourne Place, Cranbourne, Victoria 3977
    Phone: (03) 5998 4554
    Currently available Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings
    Most issues, and especially love working with children
  • Russell Cunningham
    Australian Institute of Self Development
    Wonga Park, Victoria
    Phone: (03) 9722 2678
    Relationships, Law of Attraction, coaching, workshops


      • Gail Kenny
        Norman Park
        Phone: 07) 3399 9970
        Relationships, trauma, anxiety
      • Ann Marie La Spina
        Ann Marie’s Quit Practice
        Unit 2/16 Clifford Street
        Toowoomba 4352
        Phone: 1300 660 643; Mobile: 0417 703 453
        Children and adults with anxiety, stress and behaviour change

Western Australia

      • Rachel Green
        Phone: 08 9390 1188
        Email: info [at]
        Anxiety, confidence, resilience, Emotional Intelligence, job interview success

        Northern Territory

        South Australia

            • Una Sibly
              EFT/SET Practitioner
              Phone: 0415 258 500
              Anxiety, trauma, stress, phobias,mild depression.

        International SET Practitioners

            • Tom Woodfin
              Mind/Body Wellness Coach
              Taipei, Taiwan
              Phone: +886 9386 12021
              Email: royallondonenglish [at]
              Mind/body wellness, Peak performance, Personal power, fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, confidence.

        Other Energy Practitioners

        Note: Practitioners in this list vary widely in qualifications and experience and inclusion in this list is not a guarantee that they are sufficiently qualified or experienced to assist with your specific problem or issue. We recommend you call the practitioner prior to making an appointment with them and request information regarding their background and experience with your issue.

        Western Australia

                • Janis Fairbairn PhD
                  Clinical Psychologist
                  BSFF and EFT
                  Phone 9301 4955
                  Fax: 9301 5585
                  Mobile: 0407 70 4243
                  Relationships, parenting, grief/loss, depression/anxiety

        New South Wales

        Australian Capital Territory

                • Deirdre Brocklebank
                  EFT Practitioner/Theata Healing Practitioner/Reflexologist
                  Bruce, ACT
                  Phone: (02) 6251 6369
                  Trauma, depression, weight loss

        South Australia

                • Bernice Vergou
                  Remedial Therapist
                  McLaren Vale
                  Phone: 08 8323 9619
                  Mobile: 0413 844 841
                  Depression, trauma/abuse issues


              • Mick Hawes
                Mobile: 0417 306 558
                Peak performance – business/sport
              • International EFT Contacts:


                Judy Johnson – Based in Skandia Michigan, is an EFT/PET practitioner and spiritual counsellor who works over the phone and face to face and specializes in self-esteem, self-forgiveness, and finding joy. Contact her by phone on 906-942-7865, or visit her website:

                Annie Siegel is based in New York. Contact Annie via her website:


                Dr Alex Lees is an experienced therapist and counsellor based in Surrey, BC, Canada. His contact details are: Phone: 604-542-6277

                United Kingdom

                Jaqui Crooks, EFT Master, is based in Leicester in the centre of the UK. For more information visit or contact Jaqui on +44 1162865983, email,

                Tania A. Prince
                EFT Master, TAT Certified Trainer, BSFF Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner and an NLP Trainer
                For more information visit or contact Tania on +44 01625 850555, freephone 0800 018 9113, email

                Sue Beer
                EFT Master, Advanced and Authorised Trainer, Member of The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Therapies, Dip E Hyp Psyc CMPNLP, Member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy
                For more information visit or contact Sue on +44 020 8348 5305.