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Upcoming Live Workshops, Online, And Home Study Programs

A Dynamic 4-Session Program Presented By Steve Wells

Learn how to use Intention Tapping To:

  • Free yourself from the pain of self-doubt and the agony of indecision;
  • Release the need to be perfect and fear of getting it wrong;
  • Make difficult decisions more easily and with confidence;
  • Liberate yourself from the need to be liked and approved of by everyone;
  • Learn to trust yourself to choose and do what's right for you.

Transform Your Life And Help Others With New Intention-Based Energy Process (IEP)

Presented By Steve Wells

1 October, 8 October and 15 Oct 2023
(4 hours each day over 3 days)

(US/Canada dates: Sept 30, Oct 7, Oct 14)

Join From The Safety And Comfort Of Your Home From Anywhere In The World. Two time options.

This special 3-part workshop presented live online via zoom video, will show you how to use this exciting new emotional healing approach to release stress, overcome anxiety and create powerful positive changes.

Next Program Commences June 2023 - Registrations open now!

Intention Tapping Level 2 Practitioner Essentials

Presented By Steve Wells

This Live Online Training Program Will Equip You With The Essential Understandings, Principles And Practices To Use Intention Tapping / Intention-Based Energy Process (IEP) Effectively In Your Work With Clients....

9 X Live Interactive Online Sessions Presented Via Zoom Video

Free Yourself To Achieve Your Goals Using The Power Of Intention Tapping

100% YES! Energy Of Success Group Coaching

Next Group Commencing Soon

A Dynamic Online Group Coaching & Tapping Program Presented By Steve Wells

If You Have Ever Struggled With Getting Started Or Following Through On Your Goals This Program Will Help You Overcome The Fear, Resistance, And Set-Backs That Arise When You Seek To Make Important Life Changes...

An Exclusive Group Coaching Program To Help You Be Free To Build Your Business Your Way.

100% YES! Intention Tapping For Business Success

Next Group Commencing In March 2022

In This Group Coaching Program You’ll Learn The Key Steps To Grow Your Business And Use Intention Tapping To Release The Emotional Blocks That Have Been Holding You Back, So You Can Go For It 100%!

Wherever You Are In Your Business (Starting Out Or Looking To Grow), This Program Will Help You To Take It To The Next Level By Unlocking Your Energy For Positive Action.

An Exclusive Online Supervision, Mentoring, and Skill Development Group With Steve Wells

Supervision, Mentoring And Skill Development For Uncommon Energy Practitioners

An Opportunity For Open-Hearted And Open-Minded Energy Practitioners To Meet Regularly To:

  • Learn And Practice More Advanced Energy / Coaching Techniques In A Supportive Setting;
  • Discuss Cases And Get Support, Ideas, And New Strategies To Improve Your Results;
  • Gain Supervision To Develop Your Practitioner Skills, And Coaching On Your Issues;
  • Become The Best Energy Practitioner You Can Be!

A Powerful Online Video Success Program

Go For It! Free Yourself To Achieve Your Goals!

Presented By Steve Wells

The Challenge: Any Time You Set A Goal To Change Your Life Or Achieve A New Goal, You’ll Encounter Resistance. What If You Could Release The Resistance And Overcome Your Fear And Self-Sabotage Once And For All? The 26 Short Videos And 5 Coaching Call recordings Of This Powerful Online Success Program Take You Step By Step Through The Powerful 100%...

Free Yourself From The Prison Of Judgment, Self-Blame and Self-Sabotage

Self-Acceptance Home Study Program: Change Your Life In Just 30 Days!

Presented By Steve Wells

If You’ve Ever Felt “Not Good Enough”, If You Have Negative Beliefs, Traits, Or Habits You Don’t Like, If You Find It Hard To Accept Your Light, This Program Could Change Your Life.

From Steve Wells: Some Years Ago I Embarked On A 30-Day Self-Acceptance Trial I Decided For 30 Days To Target My Own Lack Of Self-Acceptance And Apply Tapping To Accepting Myself No Matter What...

A Dynamic 4-Session Program Presented By Steve Wells

Learn The Power Of Intention Tapping And How To Use It To:

  • Free yourself from fear, anxiety, and other emotional blocks;
  • Overcome limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck;
  • Release your resistance to taking action;
  • Free yourself to get things done.

A Dynamic 12-month Program Presented By Steve Wells

An exciting new self-development program using the Power Of Intention Tapping To:

  • Release your anxiety and stress over worrying world events;
  • Find inner peace and calm amidst the storm and stress;
  • Access your inner resources to move forward in key life areas;
  • Live life with more joy and fun and much less stress!

No Programs That Suit Your Schedule?

Would You Like To Watch And Tap Along To A “Live” Workshop Recording In Your Own Living Room?