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Introduction to Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) 

Live Online Training Program

Presented by Steve Wells

Commencing 31st March 2017

This live online video coaching and training program will introduce you to this unique advanced emotional healing approach and give you many new tools and techniques for getting better results with your clients.
You’ll learn the key theory and practice of PET via high-content presentations, live demonstrations, and practical and experiential exercises. Read more


Intermediate Level Training in Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)

Live Online Training Program

Presented by Steve Wells

Commencing 29th March 2017

This intermediate level PET online training program is for those who have already been infected with the provocative virus via prior PET workshop training or online training. It will expand your results in using humour, energy, paradox and provocative language patterns to create transformational changes for your clients. Read more


Beyond the Limits with PET – Italy Workshop

Break free of your limits and expand your life using the power of tapping, energy intentions, and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)

Move beyond your limiting beliefs and your paradigms of possibility with liberating laughter and healing humour

Presented by Steve Wells (& translated to Italian)
Italy, Near Garda Lake: 8-10 September, 2017

Transform Your Life and Results (& Coaches will Learn Powerful New Techniques) 

This workshop will show you how to break free from your limiting beliefs of what is possible for you in every area of your life. You’ll discover that your limits are just concepts that you emotionally (and energetically) attached to in order to cope with your early life. When you free yourself from these emotional attachments and negative beliefs which have been holding you back, you’ll be able to expand into a whole new world of possibility!

Read more



Self-Acceptance Home Study Program: Change Your Life in just 30 Days!

Free yourself from the prison of judgment, self-blame and self-sabotage If you’ve ever felt “Not good enough”, if you have negative beliefs, traits, or habits you don’t like, if you find it hard to accept your light, this program could change your life. From Steve Wells: Some years ago I embarked on a 30-day self-acceptance trial I decided for 30 days to target my own lack of self-acceptance and apply tapping to accepting myself no matter what. What happened next…Read more

No programs in your area? Would you like to watch and tap along to a “Live” workshop DVD recording in your own living room? see “Live” Workshop DVD Recordings