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By David Lake What do you say and do when you use Tapping (EFT and/or SET) for a relationship problem? Where do you start? One of the most misunderstood concepts in relationship therapy is the goal of treatment. You may be surprised to find that in the field, this often… Read More »Relationships

Working with Couples

By David Lake How do you help a couple to use EFT or SET together? Well, it’s like teaching them to have sex “properly”. First, they must develop trust and faith in you. Then there are the detailed instructions. Last, a little demonstration. Then they might abandon the teaching while keeping… Read More »Working with Couples


By David Lake I know of a sure way to ruin your relationship. Be a critic. Of all the relationship poisons, this is the deadliest, over time, and guaranteed never to improve the quality of your life. I suggest that EFT is the most useful antidote to this poison. The urge to… Read More »Criticism

What would love do here?

By David Lake I maintain that relationship work is sometimes ‘fraught with peril’ due to the intensity of the painful emotional reactions unleashed in the context of bickering, struggling, fighting, and enduring the partner’s ‘doing what they do’. This is far worse than merely a ‘wrinkle in the great silk… Read More »What would love do here?