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Corporate Tapping Program

Are You Interested In Creating – Or Building – A Business That Takes Tapping Into The Corporate / Business World?

Steve Wells has been taking tapping into the corporate world for the past 18 years (See a short list of his corporate clients here) and sees many advantages from doing this:

  1. You get to help lots of people learn tapping, many of whom would never attend a seminar, visit a coach / counsellor, or read a book on tapping – and they are pleasantly surprised to learn such a useful tool at work, especially when they find it also helps at home!)
  2. The fees can be lucrative – You can earn many times what you would working with individuals in coaching or counselling – One on one programs with executives can be charged at a higher rate, and group programs much higher
  3. You get to show corporate leaders how tapping can help them get better results by reducing stress, increasing productivity, reducing down-time…and see whole companies transform when the benefits of tapping spread through the corporation.

Now, Steve has created a comprehensive program to help you build your own successful corporate tapping business

The Corporate Tapping Program is for those who are serious about creating (or growing) a business taking tapping into the corporate world, via workshops, seminars, and presentations that incorporate tapping, one on one coaching sessions for executives, managers, employees; and more. It is not designed for tapping newcomers.

There are 2 levels of the Corporate Tapping Program: Scroll down or click on the links for more details

Level 1: Live Video Coaching / Training Series

This is your chance to join 6 x 90-minute live group teaching and coaching sessions with Steve via video conference where he will lead you through the steps to developing your corporate tapping business. You will be able to ask your questions in real time and tap along to release your blocks in a supportive small group setting.

In this live training series, we will not only cover the main aspects of creating a business presenting tapping in the corporate area, we will also be using tapping and Steve’s powerful new Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) during the sessions to help you overcome any emotional blocks you have to getting out there and doing it – Steve will work with some volunteers in every class.

Steve will lead you systematically through the steps to take to create your successful business teaching tapping to the corporate world, including:

How to get started and the range of ways you can use / present tapping in the corporate area

How to turn your initial contacts into paid contracts

How to overcome emotional challenges with selling yourself

How to conduct a meeting with a buyer

How to overcome emotional challenges with asking for the sale

How to overcome challenges over charging for your services and what to charge

How to prepare a written proposal

How to prepare and present your program in a way that gains acceptance

How to turn your initial contacts and programs into ongoing work and lasting relationships

Steve will answer your questions personally and we will also all tap along and apply IEP on common blocks to doing this work and on specific blocks and issues raised by you and the other participants. Everyone in the group will also support and inspire each other in getting your corporate tapping businesses up and running.

In video conferencing all the group members can see each other and join in via video, audio, and chat. It’s a fantastic way for people to get together from all over the world!

There will be 6 sessions in all, a total of 9 hours of training, and the participation is strictly limited to just 20 people worldwide, first come first served. Once these places are filled, that’s it for this series. Thus, we are only looking for people who are serious about getting out there and doing corporate work, this is not a program for tyre-kickers. It’s also for those who already know tapping, so no beginners should apply.

Dates and Times:

9.00am – 10.30am Perth West Australia time (GMT + 8) on the following dates:

Note: This will be evening of the day before in USA and Canada time

(click on the links below to check each date and time in your location)


$499 Early Bird Discount (Paid before 11 March)

$599 Full Fee (If any places are still available after 18 March)

Strictly limited to 20 places worldwide, first come first served

Bonuses: You will also receive Steve’s 4-part corporate tapping audio series (mp3’s) valued at $37. Also included is a downloadable (pdf) overview of steps involved in putting together a written proposal and a workbook on Developing Your Training Modules. These will be invaluable for anyone starting out and those who are already making inroads into the corporate area.

To register in this program while places are still available click here

Note: You will be responsible for ensuring you make the TIME conversion and get to each class at the correct time. Technology willing, we will send out recordings after each session (by participating you agree to be recorded), however the real value of the program will be to attend live to ask questions, share in the motivation and energy of the group, tap and IEP on your issues and borrow benefits on issues raised by others. Due to the small group nature, no refunds are available for this program.

Level 2: Personal Coaching And Mentoring 6-Month Program

A small and very select group of participants will be able to engage with Steve Wells for personal coaching and mentoring every step along the way to developing your corporate tapping business over a full 6-month period.

There are just 4 places available in this private mentoring program.

Note from Steve Wells:

I am going to take you under my wing and offer you everything I know about getting tapping into the corporate world. What’s more, I will personally work with you to overcome your belief blocks and any emotional barriers to getting yourself out there and getting it to happen.

This will be a full 6-month process, and will include an initial 45-minute assessment interview (see below) and 6 x monthly 1-on-1 mentoring/tapping sessions with me (7 sessions in all) by skype, as well as unlimited access to me during this time for feedback by email on your actions and proposals (response usually within 48 hours, aside from notified periods when I am travelling but I will still respond within a few days). This ongoing email support is invaluable if you have important meetings or you are about to submit a proposal and want reassurance on what to do.

The corporate tapping personal coaching and mentoring program is designed to get you out there and doing it, and will be designed around your personal goals and needs. It can include answering your pressing questions, reviewing your actions and efforts, one on one personal tapping and using IEP on overcoming belief blocks and other emotional blocks and challenges, role-playing interviews and how to handle curly questions, reviewing your written proposals and other marketing materials, and so on.

The rate for the full 6-month individual corporate coaching and mentoring program is $2499 GST Inclusive for Australian purchasers (ex-tax for international purchasers, so just AUD$2272). This will be recouped for most of you when you land your very first corporate job.

If you sign up for the 6-month individual coaching and mentoring, you will also receive the corporate tapping 4-part mp3 audios (valued at $37), AND also gain access to the 6-session small group video coaching and training series outlined above (valued at $499).

The personal mentoring program commences with an assessment interview where we decide mutually if this program is for you. If during that interview we agree not to continue you’ll be liable only for the $499 deposit fee you pay to secure your place, and you can keep the audio series and also continue in the small group video coaching sessions. I only want you in this program if it is totally right for you and you are the sort of person who wants to make some massive steps forward on your personal and business goals.

Once you have completed the assessment interview and we have mutually agreed to joining the 6-month personal mentoring program, your remaining fee will be due immediately. That fee is non-refundable, with no exceptions. This is designed to sort out those who are serious about their business from the rest. Once again, the entire fee should in most cases be recouped from your first corporate job.

Sign up here for the corporate tapping personal mentoring series: You only pay your deposit of $499 now, then once you and Steve have assessed that this program is for you, you will be given instructions regarding payment of the remaining fee.

Register here for your assessment interview – Steve will contact you to arrange a time