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Life and Relationship Success Tapping Package

I’ve put together a massive package of digital material to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary (and to fund Louise’s anniversary surprise!).


Thanks to everyone who helped us to celebrate.

We are no longer in the office and cannot field inquiries until 20th April. 

If you need to contact us you can do so here and we will respond on April 20

The total value of this life-changing material is over $429 and for 3 days you can get it at a special “Pay what you want” rate!
You can pay as little as $1* and the highest amount you pay is $99!
That’s right, even the highest amount is less than 1/4 of the original price!
* We do ask you contribute at least $10 as it costs us around that amount per sale to set this all up, and because we need to send the links to you manually however whatever you pay you’ll be able to access these products.
Want a suggested price? Choose $49, which is incredible value for you and a fair rate for us.
This offer disappears this Saturday at 12 noon West Australia time (GMT +8) which is Friday evening 12pm US EST. Get it while you can.
You may have some of these, however you won’t have all of them. And since you can pay what you want even if you only need one product you can still get it at a great rate!

Here’s what’s included in this special offer:

She’ll be Right (Relationships) ebook 110 page Pdf by Dr David Lake (Retails for $33)

Full of light-hearted humour AND serious stuff, this unique manual opens up the secrets of relationship success for both men and women & shows you how to use tapping to treat relationship issues and enhance your relationship.

Finding the Gifts in your Shadow 4-part mp3 audio series (Retails for $37)

If you’ve ever felt “Not good enough” and find it difficult to accept your light, this 4-part audio series will change your life. Steve Wells with Jessica Ortner from Tapping Insiders outlines how to use tapping to accept your dark parts, release your negative beliefs, and accept your light. Includes bonus pdf guides.

Tap into Success teleclass recordings 4-part mp3 audios (Valued at $99+)

These 4 x 1-hour recordings take you into one of Steve’s exclusive Tap Into Success coaching programs where he leads participants – and you – through the steps to use tapping to clarify your success vision, release emotional barriers and blocking beliefs, and clear the way to achieve your goals.

Corporate Tapping 4-part mp3 audio series (Retails for $37)

A 4-part teleclass series on Tapping into the Corporate Environment. In these sessions Steve walks you through the steps to take to create a successful business taking tapping to the corporate (business) world.

New Energy Therapies ebook 224 page pdf (Retails for $50)

The manual Gary Craig called “A well written compendium of ‘Who’s Who’ and ‘What’s What’ in the energy healing field” filled with a range of Energy Therapy techniques for enhancing relationships, treating trauma, self-acceptance, achieving your goals, and more.

Tapping into Peak Performance 4-part mp3 audio series (Retails for $37)

This 4-part audio series features Steve interviewed by Jessica Ortner (from The Tapping Solution), as he leads you through his unique 7 step program for Success and Peak Performance using tapping (EFT and SET).

Using Tapping Effectively for Depression Relief 4-part mp3 audios (Retails for $37)

In this 4-part audio series Steve leads you through how to use EFT and Simple Energy Techniques (SET) as part of a program to lift your depression and restore you to more positive functioning.

But wait, there’s more…

You also get exclusive access to a special zoom webinar on Relationships: Finding Happiness, Love and Acceptance (Valued at $99++) presented live by Steve Wells on Monday 1 & Tuesday 2 May (2 separate times so you can find one that suits you). Priceless advice to improve your relationships. You’ll get the recordings if you can’t make the live calls. (Details for accessing the calls will be sent closer to the date).

Use this paypal button to pay and insert your chosen price (Numbers only 1-99)

The number you insert in the “Price per item” box will be the total amount in Australian dollars that you will pay for the entire success package
NOTE: Your download links will be sent manually via email within 24 hours of your purchase. Please make sure that you can access your Paypal email (or send us your paypal receipt by Saturday morning with the email you want this sent to). Please look in your junk and spam folders if you don’t receive the download links within 24 hours of purchase.
IMPORTANT: Please note that as we will be away on our wedding anniversary we cannot assist you with customer service issues after Saturday evening 8th April, however we will sort out all issues when we return from our trip on 19th April. We ask you to please be patient – this idea of mine (Steve) came at the last minute!!