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Tapping with Children

Using tapping with children can be a most rewarding experience. Kids tend to adapt quite readily to using the tapping, and young children in particular tend to change quite quickly.

Read this article published in Family Circle magazine on using EFT with kids

You need to learn EFT/SET well and do it on yourself first. If it isn’t working, I would suggest this is the first place you should look, particularly with younger children. They tend to be intimately tied to your own emotional state to determine how they are going to feel. Remember, emotions get transferred between people when we interact, and children are often like tuning forks for our emotional states...

Read more in the article below along with other articles on more specific areas of working with children.

Rose and the Night Monsters is a beautiful picture book for young children to teach them tapping.

Our Mini Boy and Girl  Posters 0f the tapping points can be displayed in your child’s bedroom or on the wall of your practice or classroom!