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PET Introductory Online Training*

* PET = Provocative Energy Techniques

Do your clients do this when they think of their problems?

Laughing female client in PET Demo session in Venice Italy Workshop

After PET, they may never see their problems the same way again!

This client, who is engaged in a real PET session, isn’t laughing at a joke, she’s laughing at her problem! She’s demonstrating in the session that what was previously heavy for her is now infused with lightness.
Before PET, even with tapping, my counselling and coaching sessions were ‘Oh so serious’. Back then I would often have to deal with resistance, and sometimes I fell into playing the “Yes, but…” game with clients.
If you are a coach, counsellor or energy practitioner who deals with difficult problems, deep issues, and resistant clients, no doubt you’ve encountered the “Yes, but…” game.
This is where you encourage your clients to change, build them up, and try to get them to do what is good for them (i.e. tapping!), and they tell you why they can’t, why it’s hopeless, and why they haven’t  taken action.

Does this sound familiar?

If this process continues it can be exhausting and lead to a negative spiral for both client and helper.  I can’t tell you how many times this used to happen to me.
And this is where PET can turn things around dramatically, it really is a whole new and exciting alternative.

With PET:

  • Resistance just melts and a whole new level of connection and trust is achieved;
  • Your clients argue for change rather than finding reasons why they can’t;
  • Clients quickly access their strengths and resources and really feel their power;
  • You get to deep issues quickly and help clients rapidly release their emotional pain;
  • You have many ways to leverage and accelerate the results you can achieve, with and without tapping and other energy techniques;
  • And it all happens in an atmosphere of liberating laughter, open-heartedness and fun!
I’d love to share this with you and I invite you to join me in the …

Live Online Introductory Training in Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)

Commencing 31st March 2017

Create transformational changes for your clients using humour, energy tapping, and provocative language patterns

“PET has shattered by previous belief system in such an empowering way that I have more fun in life, more fun in sessions, and most of all, better results with clients.”Sebastiaan van der Schrier, Social Anxiety Coach, Netherlands

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What is it?

See your clients transform in front of your eyes using PET

This typhoon survivor transformed in front of our eyes using PET

This live online video coaching and training program will introduce you to this unique advanced emotional healing approach and give you many new tools and techniques for getting better results with your clients.
You’ll learn the key theory and practice of PET via high-content presentations, live demonstrations, and practical and experiential exercises. You’ll be able to ask your questions and have them answered in real time by Steve Wells, the co-creator of PET. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to experience and practice the key techniques and get feedback to help you improve your results.
Most importantly, you’ll be infected by the provocative virus! Once you have, your life and the lives of those you touch will never be the same…
“Although I had been using EFT successfully with clients for several years, the fine tuning and addition of the PET techniques profoundly expanded my effectiveness. I am amazed at how much more quickly and comfortably clients have been moving through their issues, pain and trauma.” Lynda Malerstein, Power Journeys Hypnosis, USA

What is PET?

Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) is an emotional healing approach developed by Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake that can make deep level changes fun, rapid, and enjoyable for both clients and practitioners.
PET combines the power of tapping and energy techniques with open-hearted humorous and paradoxical language patterns and techniques drawn from Provocative Therapy and Brief Strategic Therapy. PET addresses the multi-level nature of problems through warmth, liberating laughter, and spontaneity.
The root meaning of provoke is ‘to draw out’. PET really draws out clients’ strengths and resources and rapidly replaces suffering and heaviness with laughter and lightness!
Steve PET demo with ErikPET is first and foremost a way of being in relationship with another person which requires a strong heart connection; this is actually part of the healing. The nature of the communication is like the affectionate banter between very close friends. PET combines this strong heart-based connection with multi-level communication, powerful energy tapping, and trance-ending language patterns. The result is an approach that delights as it transforms. More on PET
Humour + Paradox + Energy Tapping = Rapid Change!
“PET makes impossible things possible… The provocative style was like having a sauna bath, relieving, refreshing, just great, clear thoughts, limiting beliefs gone.”  — Eva Maria Lundell, MD, Munich
“I’ve just done 2 sessions with clients and I was amazed at how light things were despite the numerous deep issues that were treated in a single session! AND it’s so much fun for everyone!”  — Christine Blanchet, EFT Trainer, France

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Here’s what is included in this online training:

1) A total of 9 hours of live training via 6 x 90-minute group video coaching sessions.
Zoom video conferenceSessions will be presented live by Steve Wells, co-creator of PET, via zoom group video conference. You will have the opportunity to see and interact with Steve and other group members, just like in a live workshop, all you need is a computer, tablet, android or iphone with an internet connection, speakers,  microphone, and webcam.
You’ll be able to participate in the comfort of your own home rather than having to travel to attend a workshop. With sessions being spread over several weeks, you’ll be able to try out techniques between sessions, get feedback, ask questions, and fine-tune your application of the approach in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a one-off workshop.
2) We will be recording the sessions*, so you can review them as many times as you like (* Technology willing).
3) The PET Manual ebook (Valued at $49) is included as an extra bonus. This 244 page resource has heaps of valuable information to facilitate your learning of PET.
4) You’ll join a group of good-humoured open-hearted fellow learners and you’ll have the opportunity to be paired up with other participants to practice the approach between sessions.
5) You’ll be entitled to join a private closed Facebook group for PET students and practitioners and share in the very humorous and incisive conversations that go on there (including sharing humorous material to add to your kitbag when working with clients!)
6) You can gain credit towards PET Certification if you want to pursue this. For more on becoming a PET practitioner click here
7) This program will prepare you for more advanced PET training programs which are to follow.
Warning! Infection with the provocative virus can shatter your paradigms about change and irrevocably alter any tendencies to take yourself seriously!
We’ve limited numbers to just 20 people for maximum student learning and interaction.

Outline of Program Content

Workshop exercise You’ll learn:
  • How PET was developed and a basic overview of the approach.
  • The key principles, goals and techniques of PET, and how to use them to help your clients: What to do, when to do it, and how to tell if you’re doing it right.
  • Radical rapport and empathy techniques to connect you more rapidly and deeply with clients.
  • How to adapt your approach to different clients, including matching their language, communication style, and energy so that you can tailor interventions that work.
  • An overview of paradoxical and provocative interventions and how to use them to facilitate positive changes for your clients.
  • Steve will demonstrate many provocative patterns live, and answer your questions.
  • How to use humour to lighten up even very heavy issues.
  • You can volunteer to work with Steve and experience PET.
  • You will also be given plenty of practical and experiential exercises to try out the approach.
  • You’ll be given exercises to try out between sessions with feedback and supervision from Steve.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to practice PET between sessions with other group members.

Who should attend / Pre-requisites

Relieved woman tappingThis workshop is for coaches, counsellors, therapists and Energy Practitioners who want to improve the results they currently achieve for their clients. If you are already using EFT or SET tapping you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how PET can expand your options with clients and leverage your results.
You must have a working sense of humour and be unconcerned with politically incorrect language as PET plays with and exaggerates stereotypes to challenge your normal ways of thinking and get you thinking and feeling in new ways. Come willing to have your paradigms tilted and your assumptions about change playfully shattered.
Participants should know the basics of tapping using either EFT or SET. At the very least you must have read the SET special report and viewed the videos on SET on this website.

This program is not for everyone!

If you do not have a working sense of humour and/or you are offended by adult concepts and language this is not for you. To participate you must understand warmth in relationships and must commit to using PET always with an open heart. If you don’t know what it means to have an open heart, this training is not for you!

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Your Presenter:

Steve WellsSteve Wells is an international leadership coach, author, and peak performance consultant based in Perth, Western Australia. Steve has been using and teaching Energy Psychology techniques for the past 18 years and is co-developer (with Dr. David Lake) of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET). He trained extensively in Provocative Therapy with Frank Farrelly and in EFT with Gary Craig before developing PET. He has helped thousands of people to transform their life and results through his worldwide seminars and workshops.
Steve is the author of 100% YES! and co-author of 4 other books, including  The PET Manual, Enjoy Emotional Freedom and New Energy Therapies . Steve’s special blend of humour and compassionate provocation means his trainings are always full of therapeutic fun and laughter whilst at the same time dealing with deep issues.
“A most fantastic experience …. You have taken this work to a whole new level… your work is the therapy of the future.”
– Sharon Toole, Ph.D, Toronto, Canada
“Steve’s style is really innovative, entertaining and certainly a must see for anyone who is really interested in mastering Energy Therapy. ”
– Tania Prince, EFT Master and AAMET Trainer, UK
“After the first 2 days of PET, I knew this is something special, unlike anything I have learned in the past decade, studying many of the different tapping modalities, NLP, and so on…
The PET workshops have been life-transforming for me personally, as well as for me as a coach. It has shattered by previous belief system in such an empowering way that I have more fun in life, more fun in sessions, and most of all, better results with clients. And the fun in sessions has improved 250%!
In my personal life I also no longer have any disturbing thoughts that used to come up for me. Part of PET is about owning your dark side, and a total acceptance of everything. And this has helped me tremendously.
As a coach, PET has been amazing for working with resistant clients (working solely with social phobics, I deal with this a lot), and bring a lot of light and fun to the sessions.
If you want results, and if you care about getting the best results for your clients while having the most fun possible, this is a must have in your skill-set for life…”   – Sebastiaan van der Schrier, Social Anxiety Coach, Netherlands
Thanks Steve for being a dynamic engaging presenter who makes learning and change simple and fun. I would highly recommend anything you offer as a workshop. YOU are a life changing event.” – Devi Ishaya, NLP Master CT., CT. Hypnosis, Adv EFT Gig Harbor, Washington

Program Details

Dates and times:

Sessions will be held at 9.00am Perth West Australia time (GMT + 8) on
Session 1 – Friday 31 March  – Find your local date and time here
Session 2 – Friday 7 April – Find your local date and time here
Session 3 – Friday 21 April – Find your local date and time here
Session 4 – Friday 5 May – Find your local date and time here
Session 5 – Friday 19 May – Find your local date and time here
Session 6 – Friday 9 June – Find your local date and time here
(Session 1 will be 12 pm same day in Sydney & Melbourne, 2pm in Auckland, 9pm Thursday in US Eastern, 6pm Thursday in US Pacific)
Fees: $495
Limited to 20 participants for maximum interaction

To register:

Register securely online using the button below or click here


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To register by phone: Call +61 (0)8 9271 9271
Enquiries: Use this contact form
Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your registration until 28 days prior to commencement and obtain a full refund less $95 admin fee. Cancellations from 28 days prior to 14 days prior can receive a refund of 50%, after this no refunds are possible for any reason.
Disclaimer: PET must still be considered experimental with no guaranteed results for any individual and you must take full responsibility for your own use of its techniques. As with any approach to coaching and counselling, if you use PET without an open heart it can be destructive. It is up to you to keep your heart open and maintain a good connection with anyone with whom you use these techniques. You cannot become or claim to be a PET practitioner just from this program and should refrain from making any such claims. PET cannot be learned in its entirety from one program, however you can learn enough to be insufferable to your family and friends and massively more effective for your clients!

Still want to know more about PET?

Read how important the heart connection is in PET here
To see a webinar Steve Wells conducted on PET click here