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Self-Acceptance, Self-Love and Success

Release the resistance to loving and accepting all of yourself

Free yourself to be who you are and to follow your dreams

New 6-week Online Group Coaching and Transformation Program with Steve Wells

Using Powerful Energy Techniques: SET Tapping, IEP, and PET
"It's exhausting not being yourself!" - Business coaching client
"You can’t build joy on a feeling of self-loathing." - Ram Dass
“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” -  Ian Wallace

Does this describe you:

  • Tired of feeling "not good enough"?
  • Had enough of beating yourself up?
  • Feeling stuck in moving forward?
Lack of self-acceptance may just be the hidden barrier that has been holding you back.

"I love and accept myself" - But do you, really??

This statement is used routinely in EFT Tapping. But try telling yourself that you accept yourself when you really don’t, can immediately trigger your inner resistance.
Most  programs tell you to "take these self-caring actions and you will feel better." But they don't realise how much resistance the average person has to doing that:
How can you take a self-caring action if you believe unconsciously that you don't deserve it? That loving and accepting yourself is bad, selfish, wrong??
This is what most of us learned in our childhood and it is influencing us even now.

Also for Coaches: What happens when you work with a client who doesn't accept themselves?

If they believe that they are not good enough or unlovable, they may resist your positive messages. And they won't consistently do things that are good for them like tapping or other homework you give them, no matter how much they consciously know they should. Because that violates their inner rules and beliefs.

Release your hidden barriers to love

Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi, thirteenth century Sufi poet
In this live online group coaching program you'll learn how to find those inner barriers and release them using Energy Techniques!
The result will be more freedom to be yourself, to live life your way, and to experience more joy in being alive.

THIS is what this program will focus on:

Finding and releasing your unconscious barriers to self-acceptance, self-love and success.
You'll learn how to release those barriers and inner resistances using 3 powerful Energy Techniques:
  • Steve PET demonstration with female client in Paris workshopTapping as in Simple Energy Techniques (SET);
  • Energy intentions from new Intention-based Energy Process (IEP); and
  • Powerful humorous provocative change techniques from Provocative Energy Techniques (PET).
Coaches will learn to use these techniques to help your clients to gain greater self-acceptance, and free them to make life changes. See more about these techniques below.

What do you stand to gain from this program?

Freedom from judgment

When you become free from that judgment you'll open up to experience some of the most powerful and wonderful states of all:
 “The moment that judgement stops through acceptance of what it is, you are free of the mind. You have made room for love, for joy, for peace.” - Eckhart Tolle

Accepting yourself, leading to change

As Carl Rogers says, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”
Acceptance is not passive at all. It is a doorway through which all change happens.
Steve PET demo with ErikSelf-acceptance is also a way-station on the way to self-love. If you can accept yourself you are maybe only half-way there. Let's go further...
You'll be releasing your emotional attachments to those old beliefs and that will help you to be free: Free to love and accept all of yourself.
In this program we will also look at your dark side, the parts you currently reject! So be prepared for the challenge of accepting ALL of yourself!

Make Life Changes More Easily

What if you started doing what's good for you without having to fight yourself? That's what people usually find when they release their inner resistance to loving themselves. Change becomes easy, rather than a struggle.
I am resting and relaxing in a pleasant, peaceful place on my self-acceptance journey. I've never been to this place before, (where) I need no-one’s permission, and I need no-one’s approval. I really like this new way of being. It is a totally new and foreign space but I love it. Thank you always” -  Gail
NOTE:  This program is not for everyone. If you have been deeply rejected and abused in your past you may need the support of a therapist as this program will not be able to give you the individual support you need. In that case, or if you have severe mental health issues, do not join this program without the support of your mental health professional.
You must have a working sense of humour and be unconcerned with politically incorrect language as PET deliberately uses and exaggerates stereotypes to get you thinking and acting in new ways).

We'll use these powerful Energy Techniques:

Simple Energy Techniques (SET) tappingSET is a simple technique of Tapping on body meridian points developed by Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake that can be used to free yourself from the grip of negative emotions. SET evolved from EFT and is equally effective though more versatile than EFT. This simple process of tapping on energy points on the body can often produce dramatic shifts in your thinking, feeling, and actions.
Intention-based Energy Process (IEP): This powerful new process developed by Steve Wells uses specific intentions which act as commands to the subconscious mind to release your negative beliefs, restore you to clarity, and bring you back to a state of flow.
Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) is an advanced approach that uses humour and powerful provocative language and techniques to create transformational changes. PET humorously uses resistance to change as part of the change process. It is an exquisite and delightful way of getting leverage on difficult issues. This program also counts as partial credit towards PET Practitioner Certification for those wishing to train in this approach.
You'll join a group of supportive, like-minded truth seekers for inspiration, mutual support, and borrowing benefits!

How the program will work:

You'll meet live with Steve Wells and the other group members via zoom video conference for 6 x 90-minute group coaching sessions.
In each session, Steve will present some tips and techniques for releasing your inner blocks to loving and accepting yourself. Next, he'll take questions and coach volunteers live. You'll be able to volunteer to work with Steve and tap along to gain benefits when others are being coached.
You can attend this program from the comfort of your own home! You don't have to travel to attend a workshop and pay accommodation, transport, meals and other costs.
Every session will be recorded, technology willing, so you can catch up on missed sessions. However, the real benefits will be gained from attending live.
A private Facebook group will be set up for those in this program, allowing you to share your progress and get advice and support from Steve and the group along the way.
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About the Presenter

Steve Wells is an internationally recognised leadership coach and peak performance consultant who specialises in helping you to overcome the hidden blocks to achieving your goals and improving your life. He regularly consults and presents worldwide with business achievers and elite athletes to improve their performance.
Steve has deep experience in working with self-acceptance issues, he really knows this topic inside and out from a personal perspective and he has helped many people to get free of it. Thousands of people have benefited from his worldwide trainings and online programs.
Steve co-developed Simple Energy Techniques (SET), and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) with Dr. David Lake. He also recently developed Intention-based Energy Process (IEP). You'll get to experience these techniques in this program! He is author of the Amazon bestseller 100% YES! The Energy of Successco-author with Dr. David Lake of Enjoy Emotional Freedomand New Energy Therapies, and co-author with Jo Weise, of Rose and the Night Monsters, a children's book on EFT.
Steve's programs are always inspiring and filled with practical strategies you can use immediately to get better results - with less stress!

What other people say about Steve Wells and his programs:

“A big thank you for the best course I've been on in years. There were so many aha moments, I'm still stunned. So many pieces fell into place, it was amazing ..." - Jaqui Crooks, EFT Master, London, UK
Steve and Nora Sydney“To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement. I enjoyed, grew, laughed, cried, connected with others and myself in new ways, and while I may not be perfect (yet) I can live with that, and enjoy my (sometimes problematic) self. I may even be ok as I am! The freedom you bring to this, and your acceptance freed us to go beyond who we thought we were… Worth every cent and all the time I spent coming – above and beyond my expectations.” — Binyamin Dov Zuriel, Jerusalem, Israel
“PET makes impossible things possible... The provocative style was like having a sauna bath, relieving, refreshing, just great, clear thoughts, limiting beliefs gone.” - Eva Maria Lundell MD
“ I feel fantastic today. So much lighter, happier and just feeling good about the world. It’s been a while since I have truly felt like this. Many people are noticing and commenting that there is something different about me. For anyone contemplating your programs I highly recommend them – if nothing else you’ll be able to laugh at yourself and what a relief that is.” — Linda Foster, Kinesiologist, Sydney
"The effect of the course was to liberate me from myself. I continue to feel a sense of ease and calm and utterly capable of handling all manner of situations.” – Kate White, Journalist, Perth
 “Fantastic! I have attended many workshops over the years, but none provided me with the proper tools to overcome my thinking habits like your workshop enabled me to.” – Ed Keay-Smith, Business Owner

 Program Details and Registration

The 6 x 90-minute Live Teaching and Coaching sessions will be held at 3.00pm Perth Western Australia time (GMT +8) on the following dates:
Click on the links next to each date and time to find the actual day and time in your location
16th October  3.00pm
23rd October  3.00pm
30th October    3.00pm
6th November    3.00pm
13th November   3.00pm
20th November    3.00pm
Limited to 15 peoplefor maximum interaction and personalised coaching. First come, first served.

Registration Fee:

$397 Earlybird Discount rate if you register by 6 October
$497 Full Fee if you register after 6 October
Register securely online using your credit card via the button below or click here
When you register, choose the group that works best for your timezone


Register by phone: Call +61 (0)8 9271 9271
PLEASE NOTE: By Registering you must agree with the following:
It will be your responsibility to make the connection to each session and to have your computer, video, internet, microphone and speakers in good working order. If things drop out because of a problem on our end, Steve will either extend the session or add additional sessions to make up for this. As this is a small group program, there are no refunds for any reason.
This is a sign of your commitment to the group process and to making the changes you desire. 
By participating you agree to take full responsibility for your own mental, emotional and physical health and your use of the techniques. You also acknowledge that you understand that some of the techniques Steve will be using are experimental with no guaranteed outcome in any individual. You should consult your physician or professional therapist regarding your use of these techniques, especially if you are dealing with mental health issues.