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Exclusive Coaching and Mentoring Program


This is a unique opportunity to be personally mentored and coached by Steve Wells over a 3-month period via video or face to face.

NOTE: Limited places. This program may not be purchased unless approved by Steve Wells (write to admin [at]

This is a unique opportunity to be personally mentored and coached by Steve Wells over a 3-month period via video or face to face.

This is for you if you want to change your life and results and you are willing to commit up front to an ongoing process of energy work that will take you way outside your current comfort zone (in a good way) and towards the life you really want.

The program is a full 3-month support process which includes 6 x fortnightly 1 -on- 1 sessions of 45mins each with Steve via skype or face to face if you live in Perth, Western Australia. Sessions can also be scheduled weekly or monthly as required.

If you feel that you are being held back from realising your full potential, if you have emotional or belief blocks that are holding you back, and you want to help to stay focused and clear and to take the actions you need to take to achieve your goals, in this program, Steve will be there to help you every step of the way. We’ll also look at your values and help you to get clear on what you really want and how you can get there. AND you’ll have the power of energy tapping and other peak performance techniques to assist.

The fee must be paid up front and is non-refundable, with no exceptions. This is designed to sort out those who are serious from the rest and is a sign of your commitment to the process.

Product Reviews


  1. The most fun way of dealing with traumas and B/S 5 Star Review

    Posted by Ev on 28th May 2016

    Clearing traumas and horrible stuff in our lives involves going down a really dark hole, poking around in it, dredging up the crap and then clearing it away. Steve has a really unique way of poking around in there and using humour to clear it away as quickly as possible. From tears, painful grief and vomit … to laughter … this has to be one of the best ways of coming out of a dark hole into a bright new perspective on life filled with hope and meaning. I can’t thank Steve enough for his care, patience and talent in helping to uncover and forge a new way forward in life. I highly recommend this program for anyone trying to find their way clear of the blocks holding them back in their lives, so they can get out and achieve their goals with confidence and a sense of freedom. It has been so important for me to learn and know, that while being highly imperfect, I am nevertheless of great value and have something worthwhile to share with others in the world – and there are also others that won’t want my services – and that’s ok, because I’m here to serve those that do. This program has been so liberating … and a real-life practical reminder and application of the movie “Inside Out.”

  2. Breakthrough, and a new and real way forward 5 Star Review

    Posted by Sue Hughes on 2nd May 2015

    Over the last few months Steve has enabled me and supported me in so much change, both externally and internally. The whole trajectory of my life, which was tangled in knots, has altered for the better. He has helped me look life in the face, and his relentless good humour and associated challenges will have a lasting impact. There are certain “rabbit holes” I will no longer be able to go down because all I will see is that grin and raised eyebrows… I wouldn’t dare venture! Seriously though, a million thanks. I am really looking forward to the group online coaching sessions, to consolidate the work we’ve already done and to learn how to help others also enhance their lives further by using Steve’s groundbreaking yet accessible techniques.

  3. Gratitude for Steve’s awesome skills and his sense of humour! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Lisa Winneke on 26th Apr 2015

    Where do I start..well life at home has changed in ways I hadn’t been able to achieve previously. I am not being attacked by my 7 year old since starting the coaching 5 week ago. My other 10 year old son is no longer swearing or screaming at me and there have been moments of affection and loving interactions which we haven’t experienced for really 3 years. I was able to present at a workshop last week without experiencing the same level of anxiety that I had felt during previous workshops. In fact it really only lasted until about 5 minutes into it. and on the whole I have been more accepting of myself when I haven’t felt as good as I like to feel.


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