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She’ll Be Right – E Book


Finally, a manual that explains relationships in a way that men can get it!

eBook Version.

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E Book Version – She’ll Be Right

By Dr. David Lake

  • All the great features of the paper copy, but no postage
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Finally, a manual that explains relationships in a way that men can get it!

Full of light-hearted humour AND serious stuff, this unique manual opens up the secrets of relationship success for both men and women.

The manual is unique in providing information and recommendations on how to apply EFT to relationship issues for self-help, to achieve greater connection and intimacy.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve his or her relationship.

“I’ve just finished reading “She’ll be right (when men aren’t getting it)” to enlighten myself…. congratulations David – you’ve been trained well! I’m using it for myself to help understand why men don’t get us and am making odd notes here and there (mainly big ticks and “yes’s!”) for when M (my husband) reads it – it has just landed on his desk with a note –“Your Training Manual”. There is lots of good stuff for us in the book and I’m keen to get into some EFT as a couple, once M has tapped on his reluctance to do this of course.
— — Erica

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