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Steve with book proof1This book shows you how to use tapping to free yourself from the emotional blocks behind self-sabotage, procrastination, inertia and false starts. You can then be free to go for your goals 100% and achieve your own unique version of success.
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Here's what reviewers are saying about 100% YES!

"100% YES! skilfully guides you in releasing what's been holding you back so you can be free to embrace the success you desire. If you are interested in accessing the powerful inner state that allows you to become unstoppable and sets you up to achieve your goals, read this book and apply its powerful techniques." Jack Canfield, Bestselling Co-author of The Success Principles™, Tapping into Ultimate Success and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

"Even the most successful people struggle with parts of their lives that just don’t seem to fall into line. In this book Steve Wells shows how to align with success 100%, a state in which no part of your being is objecting to success. If you’re looking for an approach to resolve those parts of your life that, despite your best efforts, still aren’t marching in tune with your highest aspirations, this book is for you." - Dawson Church, PhD, Bestselling author of The Genie in Your Genes

"Filled with gems of wisdom mixed with practical tools to help you take the next step... This isn’t a book you simply read; it's a transformational experience." - Jessica Ortner, NY Times Bestselling author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence 

"A fantastic resource for anyone who is ready to stop simply dreaming of the life they want and actually make it happen." - Brad Yates, EFT Expert, Co-author of Freedom at Your Fingertips

"Steve Wells’ life-changing work on emotional alignment, values and goals shows how an author’s depth, insight and experience make for excellent reading and a deeply accessible and practical book. I highly recommend you let Steve Wells guide you to live in your 100% YES! Success State - it will be totally worth the journey!" - Carol Look, Founding EFT Master, Creator of "The Yes Code"

"If you are serious about being the most successful, fulfilled and happy person you can be then you need to read and re-read this insightful and fabulous book. We all have invisible inhibitors that stop  us being the best we can be and by discovering these and working on them yourself, in your own home, you can really start to fly - NOW!" - Maggie Dent, Australian author, parenting and resilience specialist

"100% YES! is a clear guide with powerful tools and practical steps to help you clarify and achieve your own unique version of success. Steve’s structured approach to get clear on values helps us understand what’s actually holding us back and gives us clear ways to overcome it. Even with my 10 years+ of tapping to help people in the arena of success, there were new, powerful tools here that I’m excited to use." - Pamela Bruner, Business Coach, Co-author of Tapping into Ultimate Success

"Steve Wells is a pioneer and master in the therapeutic uses of acupoint tapping. In 100% YES! he has synthesized his decades of experience into the simplest and most user-friendly self-help format he could envision. But don’t be fooled. This book can guide you in confronting inner barriers to success, outmoded beliefs, and conflicts in your goals as you move forward toward a life that is inspired by your highest possibilities. " –  David Feinstein, Ph.D. Co-author of The Promise of Energy Psychology and The Energies of Love

"Beginning with clean and inspiring definitions of success, Steve Wells offers expert guidance in harnessing the power of commitment, decision, resolving values conflicts, and goal setting. An essential centrepiece is SET, his Energy Psychology tools that guarantee success. We witness and learn from Steve's expert skill as we eavesdrop on his provocative and powerful work with participants in workshops. Read, experience, and apply what you'll learn from this user friendly book." - Fred P. Gallo PhD. Author of Energy Psychology and President, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

"Steve’s work with values is transformational ... His gift is his ability to identify the conflicts (both conscious and unconscious) that interfere with us achieving our goals and fully engaging in our lives in a purposeful authentic way. By gently challenging and questioning ourselves, following the techniques in this book, Steve offers us the opportunity to create a life which is more fulfilling and peaceful, and in alignment with our truth. This book is written with clarity and insight and is easy to follow and Steve’s compassion and therapeutic experience shine through every page." - Emma Roberts, EFT Master, Co-author of Step by Step Tapping

" In this book Steve Wells explores success as an inside job and offers fabulous tools and insights to help every reader find their way to unleashing their own mojo and create the life dreams that we all so richly deserve. A great resource for ANYONE looking to make their life an exciting adventure even as their dreams are still being constructed and manifested." - Craig Weiner, DC, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer

" Steve Wells nails the problem most people face, they don't have a clear understanding of what success is to them personally. Success and achievement without first getting clarity about your values will leave you exhausted, unsatisfied, and not able to realize your dreams. 100% YES! not only gives you the roadmap for gaining a true sense of where to go, but also gives you a step-by-step process for doing it through exercises and simple processes. I will enthusiastically share this book with my clients and students. " - Alina Frank, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, Best Selling Author of How to Want Sex Again Using EFT

"A powerful book on success, energy healing and living your full potential with pearls of wisdom throughout. Steve shows us how to use his (and colleague Dr. David Lake’s) signature SET Technique to elegantly clear blocks, which naturally leads to embracing our most important values, beliefs and goals to reach a 100% YES! with our lives." - Phillip Mountrose, Co-author of Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT

" Steve Wells’ 100% YES! can help you turn your life around. The newly emerging strategies explained in this book embrace innovative techniques which take you deep into your unconscious to uncover the root of your negative programming, not just skim the surface. Steve shows us how to use these powerful tools in new ways to accelerate results and empower us beyond anything you may have previously believed was possible."  - Sharon Cass-Toole, PhD, DCEP, Executive Director, Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies

Purchase your copy of 100% YES! through our Online Store here or from Amazon here

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