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For those who came in late, Gary Craig has recently announced a new certification process involving examinations based on material in his DVD sets, and a practitioner listing system to be based around this certification process. Since Gary’s recent announcements seem to “wipe clean” the slate in terms of certification and training, do these changes fly in the face of all that has gone before?

For example, does this change invalidate the efforts of those who have strived to produce quality EFT training and those who have participated in that training over the past decade or so? We don’t believe it does.

Does this change negate the value of the certificates gained by those who have obtained EFT training from quality EFT practitioners over the past 10-12 years including those who obtained certificates of training from Gary Craig himself? Of course not.

Does the new certification invalidate other certifications, such as the excellent EFT-CC and EFT-ADV program administered by EFT Master Patricia Carrington PhD? Again, the answer is no.

The value of any training is ultimately what it does for you, the practitioner, in terms of developing your skills, and what it does for your clients, in terms of providing them with quality results.

We believe very strongly in the value of live training over and above training by video or DVD alone. We also believe that an academic qualification alone is not enough to define someone as a quality practitioner whether or not that person asserts that they have conducted the technique on a large number of people.

Following Gary’s recent announcements, the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques made the following statement:
“Gary Craig is to introduce a new certificate structure for EFT. This is an academic certification and does not represent any particular level of practical skill. In view of the lack of a practical aspect these certificates will not be acceptable as equivalent to the existing AAMET Practitioner Certification, and the AAMET will be continuing to support the existing Level 1, 2 & 3 structure.

For the same reason holders of the these new certificates will not be admitted onto the GRCCT General Register of Therapists.

The AAMET is to implement a system to allow holders of these new certificates to gain practical training and after demonstrating practical ability they will be granted the appropriate AAMET Practitioner Certificate and, if eligible, be admitted onto the GRCCT General Register of Therapists. Details of the upgrade regulations are to be found on this website under the 'Regulations' tab in the lower left menu."

Fortunately, there is some light at the end of the tunnel and a positive option for those who, for whatever reason are not willing to go down the academic track that Gary Craig is advocating for listing on his site – or to have to repeat certification when they have already been certified. Nick Ortner of Try it on Everything fame is setting up a new website, EFT International, which will allow people to list as practitioners and promote their services. There are many advantages to the listing system being proposed by Nick, including the possibility for those who are using EFT with other techniques to be included – something which isn’t possible on Gary’s website anymore. Practitioners will also be able to list all their qualifications and training, and will be able to include a wide range of materials and information to demonstrate their expertise. And (which we think is one of the best things) there will be provision for Amazon-style ranking and reviews of practitioners by those who use their services, allowing instant feedback on effectiveness.
The new website will be and although under construction right now you can go to the site to read all about what is planned in an open letter from Nick Ortner.

What will we be doing?
We have decided not to list on Gary Craig’s website as EFT Practitioners. This is because we no longer use EFT as THE primary technique, preferring instead to use SET to simplify things for our clients, and PET to leverage and extend the results. As readers of this newsletter know, we have been doing “different” things for some time, and we have agreed with Gary Craig that SET is NOT EFT. We will in future however be listing on the new site EFT International, since there is provision there for listing of other techniques used in addition to EFT. We are sure many quality people will remain listed on Gary Craig’s site. We also believe there are several factors which will make the site at an excellent site for gaining access to quality information regarding EFT practitioners, products, and training.

What about eftdownunder?
Our website was originally set up as a resource for information and training in EFT. It still provides this service, with quality EFT information and articles, our original EFT books and other products, EFT practitioner listing, and links to quality EFT sites (including the all-important and information from EFT experts from around the world. However, we are soon to set up another website to more adequately reflect the innovative approaches that we have developed over the past 11 years, in particular SET and PET. As we have expanded our initial concepts, we also want to make public our support of other useful Energy Techniques, as there are many exciting pathways to emotional healing. will remain live, and will continue to provide qualify information on EFT and related techniques. In addition, our new site will allow us to expansively define and provide information and resources regarding our new innovations. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Closing Comments for now…

Regardless of the directions taken regarding EFT Certification, practitioner listing and so on in the future, we would like to state right here that we and many thousands of our clients and workshop participants have been (and continue to be) the beneficiaries of the fantastic energy healing innovations developed by Gary Craig over the past decade and a half. We owe Gary a great debt, and will always be grateful for his contributions to our lives and results.

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9 Replies to “EFT Certification and Practitioner Registration”

Hello, Steve
It was interesting to read about your views regarding Gary Craig’s new certification training.
I only have one comment, and that is about the DVD-training as an academic certification and not a practical skill. As you know, there are people (“EFT-practitioners”) listed on the AAMET website that has only attended a 6-hours’ workshop (level 1) and som who has only attended two workshops. As both you and I know, they haven’t done very much practical training on those workshops. I am pretty sure that thorough study of Gary’s DVD according to Gary’s new certification will will give the practitioner a better understanding of EFT than participating on one or two workshops with VERY varying quality.
Personally, I welcome Gary’s inititive to raising the quality of the EFT skills, and I hope many people will take his training and register on his website. I regret that you have come to another conclution. I admire your work, and I also am very excited about your developing of the techniques (PET and SET).

Best regards,
Frode Steinset,


Hi Steve & David,
Like you I am grateful for Gary’s awesome contribution and how freely he has shared EFT.
I recommend that anyone considering purchasing the new exam make sure that they have thoroughly studied the DVDs WITH the new study guide AND taken detailed notes BEFORE purchasing the exam. This study may take months and you have 30 days from purchase to complete the exam.
Questions like “Which aspect was NOT mentioned in the session with Sally” or “What tool did Gary pull out of the bag to help Fred shift from pain to tingling” test your memory of specific sections of the DVD rather than how proficient you are with EFT. This is not to say there is no value in the exam. Just be well prepared before buying the exam.

Hilary Moon

Thank you for this article. I have been quite amazed at all the reaction to Gary’s changes – they really are so little!

1) He has up-graded the terms of being on his Practitioners’ list. And for very good reason – many listed practitioners just were not qualified to practice EFT, and Gary was bearing the consequences of that. His incredible generosity had opened the Practitioners list to ANYONE who wanted to say that they were EFT practitioners, FOR FREE – WOW!

2) The new ‘Certification’ testing is going to demand a much more thorough study of the Videos, and we will all have to really know the work to become certified. And that simply means we can be listed on Gry’s web-page. Fair ? I thnk so ! Certainly, an academic test of EFT does not mean that a person is a good practitioner, but at least it will sort out those who have really studied EFT from the considerable library of videos, and those who have just ‘skimmed’ the videos. That does not guarantee a good practitioner, but it does demand more study from everyone – so that people on the list will at least KNOW more about EFT.
Dr.Pat Carrington’s test was a great iniative to get us all started in watching the Videos in a more commited manner. However, it really didn’t demand very much of any of us, and allowed us to put CC. or ADV after our names, and how many of the general public would ever ask how stringent that testing of our knowledge was ? None! But the letters gave us all a certain validity. So we have much to be grateful to Dr. Carrington for – thank you Dr. Carrington.

I believe that Gary has taken an important step in demanding more of us if we are to be on his Practitioners List – after all – people feel that somehow we are validated by Gary if we are on his list, even though thay may be told differently. His new testing does demand much more of us – Wonderful ! I have shared a stage with other practitioners listed on Gary’s ‘old’ list, in a ‘question and answer’ forum about EFT, and was truly embarrassed with some of the responses to questions that were given by these ‘practitioners’ Clearly they had very little knowledge of the breadth and depth that is demonstrated by Gary and others, on his videos. They did not present themselves as either professionally qualified or particularly knowledgable about EFT – let alone the field of Energy Psychology. So ‘Good on Ya! Gary!’ You will up the ante for all of us to be more knowledgable and professional – and this is as it should be if you are to allow us to ist on your Practitioners List.

NOTHING has been taken away – or lost, from previous other Certification or Certificates of Completion – they are ours and we can use them always. Gary has made that very clear – they simply are not the automatic entry for listing on his Web-site as a Practitioner.

3) Oh yes, we will now have to actually PAY to be listed! For one, I am thrilled to make my contribution in order to help Gary out a little, Instead of grumbling (Hey Tap on it !) perhaps we could all be deeply grateful that for these past years Gary has provided us all with FREE ADVERTISING – we all know the importance of Gratitude ! Come on everyone – how about being grateful for all we’ve been spoiled with – SPOILED you say ? Yes, so many of the grumbles and even some of the cooled comments on Practitioners web-sites, have sounded like spoiled kids whining when their treats are finished. We’ve all had a great run with Gary, at Gary’s expense. Let’s honour and support the changes he is making, knowing that it has come about by some people abusing his open generosity. HE’ s taking the flack, but WE ALL will be the beneficiaries – thought about that ?

And isn’t it wonderful that he is SO CLEAR that his intention is not, or ever was, to create, and EFT organisaion, but to make EFT available to everyone he could possibly reach. He seems to be remaining true to that.

Oh that we could all be so magnanimous, and so clear at the same time! Gary is once again modelling for us all, that it is necessary to make changes – to gently use the surgeons knife, to cut away what is not helpful and to keep clear on our dreams and goals, as the world crowds in and could muddy our vision. KUDOS to Gary for doing what clearly needed to be done.

d) Isn’t it marvelous that some very talented others, have created organisations and Professional trainings that enable EFT to be given form and structure that we humans benefit by, and seem to yearn for, and to train first class practitioners of the future.

We’ve got it all ! Thank you to EFTdownunder for the opportunity to ‘voice’ our responses to these changes. Hey ! Time to grow up everyone, EFT is!

Thank you. thank you. I actually understand Gary’s and your point of views. thank you for the new website for I have been ADV on Garys. I am in the process of evolving around the most gentle hurmorous way of working with people. Imagine therapy actually becoming ‘delightful’. Thank you for your imputs on humor. Getting my masters in counseling years ago I inquired if we could have a healing class with tears AND humor. They told me I was just avoiding working on my issues! Times they are a changin…and we are blessed to be part of it! Cordially, Lynda

Gail Walsh

Hi Steve – I enjoy your emailed newsletters. Like so many others I found Gary Craig’s Eft on the web and became very interested and have been following it for some time now. I bought most of his DVD’s.

When I attended an EFT Masters Conf in Sydney last October, I was thrilled to see how updated the proceedure was in real life, as the quality of some of the DVD’s, by today’s standards, appeared dated, although they conveyed the intent well enough.

I’m indebted to Gary Craig, as are almost all users, especially, having attended to see the Masters in action today.

However, I’m pleased that you have worked to create an opportunity to step on up, to diversify, as this phenomenon has grown, developed and expanded.

Any responsible action that attracts more potential users to what was founded and originally grown from EFT , has to be congratulated.



Thanks for you excellent comments on the new EFT Certification. I agree with you that a vital part is missing… practicum under supervision. Whenever I teach my Basic EFT workshop I find that both professionals and lay people feel uncomfortable creating the Setup affirmation. Having hands on experience with feedback adds a dimension that is very important and encourages them to work with confidence. When I wrote Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing, I tried to make EFT even more accessible and added chapters with specific protocols for applying it to fears, procrastination, addiction, trauma, etc.

When ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) created a Certification program we made it possible for those with a lot of experience to be grandfathered in after being evaluated by a special committee. I sincerely wish that Gary would consider doing this since many people who put out lots of money for the previous certifications may be very upset by the way he has wiped the slate clean.

The energy therapy field is composed of many wonderful people who feel a mutual sense of purpose and love for the field and for each other. I hope that we can get past this glitch and continue to support each other in our passion for helping.


I am going to take a contrary view. I learned a lot of complicated things about EFT. I thought you had to do set up phrases, have issues, tap with seriousness.
Now I have found that just simply tapping on whatever comes into my head such as lists prayers songs problems videos things in my life automatically are improving such as physical strength, happiness, blood pressure down.

I always knew that EFT was a lot simpler than I thought but my concern was always was I doing it right. So just do it and don’t worry about all these certifications.
This article started me on how eft can be simplified

Hi Steve & David,

I have received some feedback on my last post and felt it appropriate to clarify things.

It is of course not appropriate to discuss specific exam questions. For that reason the examples I gave were paraphrases of the questions, though in retrospect even paraphrasing the questions may not be appropriate. I am of course not willing to discuss specific exam questions.

My purpose was to make sure that those considering taking the the exam are clear on what is involved. The exam covers specific video content in addition to general understanding. So it is not only important to have good general understanding. Even if you are highly skilled and feel you have mastered EFT you will still need to STUDY the DVD’s with the study guide.

By using the Study Guide, the learning process for each library should take about four months.



Hi Steve and David,
I enjoyed your article.
I have enormous regard for Gary and his generosity in developing and making this amazing technque so freely and widely available.
I appreciate he wishes to restrict his list to those for whom EFT is their treatment of choice and to do all he can to secure some rigour in Ax and training. I agree with Gloria, that a grandfather clause would be appropriate for those who had been working for years in the area, perhaps with some statements of suppport from satisified trainers such as Steve and Dave, and clients perhaps too!!!!
EFT is a big part of my professional and personal life, however just as I do not restrict myself to more traditional modes of therapy, nor do I limit the innovative approaches I explore and utiliize. For this reason I am delighted that Steve and Dave and Nick (whose DVD I recently bought) are creating sites which cater to a broader and ecclectic apporach. I had unwittingly “developed” SET, WHEE , Zensight and Zeropoint in my own experiments without any awareness that collegaues were doing and naming the same …….and undoubtedly others have found similar synchronicites. Further, I imagine most of us who are open and dedicated to finding “what works”, individualise our treatment styles for oursleves and for each client. Isn’t there arways an N of “1” in psychotherapy????There are sure to be more exciting developments ahead.
So a BIG thank you to the “boys” for facilitating these developments by the creation of an E community for like-minded “hunters and collectors”.

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