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"Evaluation of a Meridian-Based Intervention, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), for Reducing Specific Phobias of Small Animals", by Steve Wells, Kathryn Polglase, Henry B. Andrews, Patricia Carrington, and A. Harvey Baker.

This study by Steve Wells, Kathryn Polglase, Dr. Henry B. Andrews, Patricia Carrington and Harvey A. Baker found EFT to effectively treat specific phobias in just a 30-minute treatment session, and the results were superior to an alternative deep breathing treatment. This was the first controlled scientific study into the effectiveness of EFT published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Note: This is a preprint of the article which was published in volume 59 of the Journal of Clinical Psychology, Volume 59 (9), p. 943 - 966. What this means is that it is the final version we submitted for publication. The full published version, which will differ slightly from this final submitted version, is available from Wiley at:

To view the EFT Research Paper Preprint - Click Here

Note: The figures for the paper must be viewed separately by clicking on the following links:

To view Figure 1 - Click here

To view Figure 2 - Click here

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