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Employee Overcomes His Anger at his Supervisor.

In one group I worked with, I asked the employees to list situations at work that provoked them emotionally. One worker described a recent misunderstanding between himself and his supervisor. As he spoke, his face became red as he described how he wanted to "kill the guy". He planned to confront the supervisor, who had changed his roster without consultation, and it was clear that this confrontation would become physical.

Rather than having this man tap on his anger - which was substantial - I made a distinction with him that I credit to Dr Larry Nims. That is that anger typically covers an underlying fear, sadness or hurt. When I discussed this with the man, he acknowledged that he was feeling hurt and upset by the supervisor's actions and agreed to try tapping on "this supervisor hurt". After just one round his face became softer and he said "Well I don't feel so much like I have to sort him out now." After just one more round he was able to see the event in perspective and "from the other side". He then said that he realised the supervisor probably hadn't meant any malice towards him and probably didn't even realise he was upset by the decision that had been made.

Several weeks later in another program, this employee was able to relate that he had spoken to the supervisor and explained his position "without getting angry at all - I was able to calmly state my case." The supervisor had listened, taken his ideas on board, made the changes, and they were now enjoying an excellent working relationship. I wondered aloud what would have happened if we hadn't used EFT and he assured me the results "would not have been pretty". He was still incredulous that EFT had so effectively dealt with his anger and hurt, as he recalled how intense he had been at the time.

How many situations like this are happening every day that could be resolved if every worker were empowered to use EFT? What could this do for the morale and productivity of the average workplace?

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