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emotional-freedom Aspects:
Some problems have many aspects to them and each aspect should be handled with  a round of tapping as if it is a separate problem. When several aspects of an  emotional problem are present, you may not experience complete relief until all  aspects have been reduced to zero intensity.

 Feelings - Aspects may be a set of related feelings. For example, we may feel fearful  about something and at the same time be embarrassed and angry with ourselves for  being afraid. Each of these different feelings may need to be treated in order to  experience complete relief.

 Events - Aspects may be a set of related events. For example, you may have had several experiences that relate to the problem you are treating, or experienced a number of traumatic events. Use the “Run the Movie” or “Tell the Story” Technique taught in the workshop to treat these. If you have had many such events, treating a few of them very well usually means the treatment effect generalizes to the others.

Thoughts or Beliefs - Aspects may be a set of related thoughts or beliefs. There are often underlying subconscious beliefs blocking our getting over the problem. Ask: What do I/you think about this problem – or having this problem – or about my/your ability to get over this problem? When you have identified any negative or limiting beliefs, simply focus on the belief while you tap on each of the points. (See below for a list of the beliefs which are typically present).

Bodily Sensations - Aspects may be a series of bodily sensations. These may shift or vary in intensity as you apply SET/EFT. The process to follow here is what Gary Craig calls “chasing the pain”. Simply continue to apply SET/EFT to whatever body sensations arise in turn until you experience relief.

A Combination - Aspects may be a combination of the above.

We recommend to our clients: Think “around” the problem—where your reactions and associations take you. Be prepared to follow whatever comes up and persist with the SET/EFT process. Sometimes you may “tap into” an emotion or situation that is more intense than the one you started with. If this occurs, continue the tapping process on this new emotion and persist until it reduces.

2. Blocking Beliefs:
There are many typical blocking beliefs that can inhibit progress and prevent you from obtaining complete relief. These include identity beliefs (e.g. “I am not good enough”); beliefs about the problem (e.g. “This problem is too big”); beliefs about safety (eg. “I will be unsafe if I get over this problem”); and beliefs about deservingness (e.g. “I don’t deserve to get over this problem”).

Once identified, the simplest way to treat blocking beliefs is to:

  1. Conduct SET tapping whilst focusing on the belief statement.
  2. Seek to find out where the beliefs were learned and conduct the treatment on those specific events using the “Tell the story” or “Movie” techniques.

This information has been adapted from Enjoy Emotional Freedom by Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake.

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