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By Steve Wells

You situation in life will not improve if you do nothing about it - Source Unknown

If you have found a meaningful destination, a strength-filled purpose, a "big" goal, tapping can help you to achieve it more easily. How? By reducing the disliking associated with taking the actions you will need to take in order to make it real. By helping you to move outside your comfort zone without as much suffering as when you use willpower alone to push or pull against your internal (energetic) resistance.

One common resistance pattern is to find that you are focusing on the pain of taking action, and this wrenches your attention away from the beauty and power of your ultimate destination. So use tapping to turn your attention back to your ultimate goal, and the ultimate results of taking this action, and harness the power of your intention to take you there.

One powerful approach is the one I call Connecting with Success. Here you focus on your ultimate goal and tap whilst holding the intention to connect with how it will FEEL when you have fully achieved that. Initially, there can be incredible resistance to this process, and many internal objections and opposing feelings may arise. If it seems too overwhelming, then stop long enough to write those objections and negative objections down for later tapping. Tap to ease the feelings. Then return to tapping whilst holding the intention to access the success feeling, the feeling of what it will be like to BE in your meaningful future, and bring the feeling of that into your experience NOW. If you are able to visualise, you can get an image of yourself being successful and then step into the picture.

Now, identify some FIRST STEPS which would take you towards your meaningful future. Be careful here not to make those steps too big. In my experience, most people fail to take action because they expect to take massive action. I recommend to my clients the larger your goal the smaller your first steps should be.

If you think right now about taking one of your FIRST STEPS towards your worthwhile future, you are bound to unearth some inner resistance. So start tapping right now as you think about that. As you tune into that internal resistance to taking action now, and you start tapping, you begin to transform your internal feeling resistance towards taking that action in order to move into a better life.

So identify a step which you can take right NOW, no matter how small. Start tapping as you feel the resistance which tells you that later will be a better time, that this is too hard, that you will only fail again. Break your first step down even further to an initial action which is the beginning of that first step (the first step of the first step!). Tap continually as you go ahead and take that first little action Then move into the next part of your first step, and keep on moving, tapping as you go. As you move into that first step, remind yourself of where you are heading, the ultimate goal which will make all of this worthwhile. Then do something to acknowledge what just happened. You are on your way.

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