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New Energy Therapies

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Energy Therapy techniques for enhancing relationships, achieving greater levels of self-acceptance, and achieving your ultimate goals.

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New Energy Therapies: Rapid Change Techniques for Emotional Healing

By Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake

Waterford Publishing: Perth, Western Australia.  ISBN: 0 9579386 1 6

This is the second edition of the manual Gary Craig called “A well written compendium of ‘Who’s Who’ and ‘What’s What’ in the energy healing field”.

This edition includes:

A range of ideas and suggestions for using Energy Therapy techniques for enhancing your relationships, achieving greater levels of self-acceptance, and achieving your ultimate goals…

A section on treatment of trauma, including treatment protocols.

A section on “Instant Techniques”.

An overview of Provocative Energy Techniques, our integrative approach which blends the healing power of meridian tapping with the warmly humorous provocative communication style and techniques of provocative therapy.

An entire section with ideas on using Energy techniques with relationship issues.

Heaps of additional suggestions and ideas for improving your use of Energy Techniques, what to do when you become stuck, and strategies for leveraging and improving your results.

“This “manual for helpers” not only provides working models of EFT and the other leading energy techniques (e.g. BSFF, NAEM, TAT) but it also includes integration with techniques such as EMDR, NLP & TIR. It pulls together into a neat package the writings, insights and techniques of a long list of practitioners in this field. Both newcomers and highly experienced practitioners should find this manual a very useful resource. Highly recommended.”
— Gary Craig (Creator of EFT)

“Captures the essence of the many Energy Therapies in a very efficient and readable fashion. This practical book will be very useful both for practitioners and laypersons.”
— Larry Phillip Nims, Ph.D. (Creator of BSFF)

“This is an important document. A must.”
— Willem Lammers, Clinical Psychologist, Director IAS, Maienfeld, Switzerland.

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