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This is the recording of Steve Wells and Brad Yates in their Tap into YES Webinar where they show you how to use tapping to clear your inner resistance and say YES to your goals, values, and dreams.

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What do others say?

Here's a video from Kimberly who joined Brad and Steve's last online workshop:


And here's what Christofer wrote after the workshop:

While I was really looking forward to seeing both of you in person, the Zoom platform has some advantages-- being able to see all of us at once in the gallery view.

In a live workshop, we'd all be sitting in rows facing forward and not get to see who was sharing or even our neighbor's faces, except from the side.

Borrowing Benefits is a somewhat inadequate way of stating how powerful group tapping is.  And, while I don't know about anyone else's experiences after the workshop, my own so far have been very dramatic.

This morning I was able to feel some deep deep sadness and grief over all the deaths in my family over the last several years.  This was a huge pocket of grief I kept locked away for fear it would completely take over and I'd never be able to accomplish anything.

To say the release and relief were noticeable, is an understatement.

I've been tapping since 2001 and even though I know firsthand and through observation with clients and friends I've worked with the tremendous healings that come about, I'm still in awe of it all.

I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart.

Steve, I've studied with you often over the years.  Each time I am delighted by your sense of humor and provocative energy techniques. The Intention based protocol helps a lot, especially combined with tapping.

And Brad, I was at your very first workshop in Burlingame--probably the same hotel or one close by where we were supposed to meet for this workshop.  I love your style and the way you always include breathing and centering.  I am always happy to recommend your tapping videos on YouTube!

You're both my tapping favorites of all time and I look forward to more tapping on the next calls.

In great appreciation

Love Light

Christofer Aven



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