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In my last blog post I (Steve Wells) mentioned my recent exciting discoveries and development of Intention-based Energy Process (IEP). I discovered a way of working with certain direct intentions to release emotional attachments, restore energy flow, which brings balance and clarity, and reset your compass. I'll write more about this soon and am incorporating it in all my upcoming workshops. I just rediscovered this article Dr David Lake wrote a few years which has a lot to say about tapping with intention. I think you will find it interesting.


by Dr. David Lake

Dr. David Lake
We hear a lot about intention—when we use the power of the mind to effect a change in matter. There is well-documented research on the power of prayer to influence healing by Larry Dossey (for book excerpts see). There are countless examples of healing that do not conform to medical expectations, and William Tiller (see biography and articles) has written a fascinating book, “Science & Human Transformation”, on the way some mind-body-matter interactions—‘psychoenergetics’—do work. When Marla Brucker introduced us to spoon-bending in the Ultimate Therapist Workshop in 1998, it was merely a warm-up for Gary Craig’s introduction to intentional tapping.

First we were instructed by Gary to tap the Basic Recipe as usual but without actually touching the point; then we kept our hands in our laps and vividly imagined the tapping. After 2 rounds the group reported shifts in intensity, as you would expect from standard EFT. It was a relief to tap intentionally since then we didn’t have to focus on touching the point locations exactly! It was soon clear that we could tap ‘on others’ in this way, as a parent would do for a child perhaps, although the issue of informed consent loomed up in our minds.

Clinically you can do EFT or SET tapping on a mother holding a distressed baby and the baby will settle. Sometimes just watching the tapping is soothing. Certainly thinking about tapping will commence part of the process if you have some experience. It is as if the EFT/SET training lays down a template for healing. I have used intentional tapping in this way personally for years with good effect.

Why should it be surprising that tapping can work in this way? That the meridian system can be affected at a distance and that our Energy system is ‘available’ to us in this way? It follows that our thoughts and words and habitual behaviours all must influence this system too; this was the message of Dr John Diamond, the Australian psychiatrist, in the early years of Energy psychology exploration. He said (in this context) that words have real power to affect the meridian system, and that they should be chosen carefully.

It is also possible that intention is a completely separate “world” that is interlinked and interwoven with the energy system—in all its manifestations.

I have carefully observed practitioners such as Tapas Fleming, Larry Nims, Gary Craig, Nahoma Clinton and Mo Wheeler while they worked with clients. Much of the real healing comes about because of their pure intention for the well-being of that person, in my opinion. I felt that in my own healing with Gary during my session with him. This use of intention is the way of the future, as long as we find a way in to the representative Energy system as well. I say this because I had good intention for years for clients, but no really gratifying results until the Energy therapies found me. These energies seem to mediate and facilitate intention. In the work that Steve Wells and I are doing at the moment I think that our intention for the benefit of who we are working with is by far the most important factor in the good results we are getting—regardless of humor, paradox, philosophy or Energy technique itself.

If life is vibrational energy, according to Donna Eden then living life with a higher vibration would represent both expansion and expression. I consider that this affirmation is brought about by intentional healing via the Energy system. It is a higher level on the ‘healing high-rise’. Sandor Ferenczi, a colleague of Sigmund Freud, said: “It is the love of the physician that heals the patient”. He was ahead of his time.

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