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By Steve Wells

It’s possible to categorise all your activities into 4 types, based on the energy consequences in your life which they are associated with.

1. Energising

These are the activities which give you energy when you do them, and which give you a positive charge even when you just think about doing them. They are the things you are naturally drawn towards, the things you love doing. If you choose a career which involves a lot of these activities it will feel like you are not really working (this is the way I feel about running workshops). You are naturally drawn to do those things that will make you successful.

2. Energy Depleting

These are the activities which take energy away. They are things which have an energetic and emotional cost, and which affect you in a negative way if you encounter them. For example, working in a job you hate with people you don’t like doing tasks you see as meaningless. Spending too much time doing activities like this puts you into energy deficit. Lose too much energy and you ultimately lose your zest for life. Keep it up for too long without balancing it with energy-giving and energising activities and you may even lose your life.

3. Deceptively Energising (Ultimately Depleting)

These are activities which appear as if they will give you energy but ultimately they take energy away. Like cotton candy (Australian’s call this fairy floss) the energy boost is the result of short-lived pleasure rather than lasting happiness and success. We don’t get what we have been promised. This includes things like smoking, drinking, overeating, and “retail therapy”. Ultimately, these activities need to be eliminated from your life as they have a big cost to your self-esteem as well as your general happiness.

4. Deceptively Depleting (Ultimately Energising)

These are activities which appear on the surface as if they will take energy away but ultimately they give you energy. These sorts of activities  seem as though they will cost you energy but end up giving more than they cost. You feel better after you’ve done them. For most people this includes things like working out, going for a jog or going to the gym. Another example is attending a networking event even though you are nervous, or making a call even though you may be rejected. In order to be more successful in your life you will almost certainly need to do more of these types of activities.

Another way of putting this is that these activities require you to move out of your current comfort zone – And your ultimate success is on the other side of your current comfort zone!

Getting yourself over your aversion or discomfort in order to do more type 4 activities may be the greatest way of achieving better results in your life.

Without having Energy Techniques the way to be more successful and happy in life is to do more of the things that give you energy and less of the things that drain your energy. Or to look at balancing the activities that drain your energy with activities that give you energy.

However, the energy consequences outlined above are not really located in the activities themselves. If they were then different people would all have the same emotional and energetic reaction to the same activity. But as you know, some of the activities which you avoid doing others in the world are drawn towards. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

What if the energy consequences of any activity for you were simply based on your own emotional-energetic programming? What if you just learned an emotional-energetic reaction to various activities in your life - for example when you were punished for doing a certain behaviour you learned to associate this behaviour with the feeling in the moment of that punishment - and what if you could change that reaction so that you were no longer emotionally programmed to avoid doing things which could be ultimately good for you?

What if you were no longer drained by the activities that are currently draining your energy? What if you could overcome the energy blocks to doing the things you want to do? What if you didn’t need to seek feelings from things and activities at all? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate definition of emotional freedom?

What if your energy came from a spring rising up from inside you, rather than coming in from the outside? Then the only thing required would be to remove the blocks to that flow, rather than to find things from outside you to give you the good feelings you want.

So the number one activity for your success is actually restoring energy flow.

And this is where tapping comes in.

Tapping to remove blocks to energy flow and to restore energy flow may be the number one activity you can do to ensure your future success. By tapping, you can change the energy consequences of an activity, event or situation on your life. Then you can be free to do whatever you need to do to succeed.

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