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stevewellsBy Steve Wells

Some people want to be the best. They want to go all the way to the top. They are driven by something beyond themselves: a magnificent obsession, a grand vision, a dream that won’t quit. They want to be part of something incredible, and reach way beyond their current capabilities. They want to stretch the boundaries and achieve things that others currently believe are impossible. And they are willing to explore anything which will help them to get there.

These are the people I love working with the most. They don’t care that tapping is a bit unusual, they are only interested in results. And once they have experienced the results they will use it, explore it, and go deep with it. They leave no stone unturned in testing the boundaries of just how much benefit they can get from tapping and whatever other effective tools they can get their hands on to empower them to realise their magnificent obsession and manifest their powerful vision.

If you are a member of this rare breed, we need people like you to show us what is possible. When you succeed you inspire us to raise our sights, challenge our limits and succeed too.

There is a second group of people who also want to be the best but they are held back, mainly by fear. If you are in this group maybe you have a big vision and you’re even working towards it but your fear cripples you, or makes every step forward a struggle.

Some people in this second group almost won’t even dare to let themselves dream of what they really want to achieve, let alone tell others about it. Their vision may be just as powerful as the first group, but their self-doubt and self-criticism is so crippling that they are paralysed from taking action. They are held back by fear of failure — and even more by fear of success.

If you are in this group and you overcome your fears you can achieve great things, but first the dream has to be enticed out into the light of day.

In coaching clients like this it can often take a couple of sessions of tapping before they will reveal their magnificent vision, and when they do they are almost apologetic. I’ll ask, “Where do you want to go ultimately?” and they cover their mouth and mumble their vision almost inaudibly under their breath. They are embarrassed to state publicly what they dream about so much in private. Yet when they do, if you pay careful attention you’ll see (and hear and feel) the unmistakable signs of energy and passion linked to the possibility that dream could one day come true. That is the clincher for me, and typically, at this point my response is: “Why don’t you decide to do that then?” Because knowing what you want is not enough. If you want to get there you have to decide to go for it. And then get yourself to take action. Of course, that brings up plenty of stuff to tap on!

If this is you, we need people like you to succeed to show us that even when we are faced with seemingly impossible odds, and crippled by fear, doubt, even despair, we can ultimately rise above our circumstances and our crippling thinking patterns to achieve something great.

Then there is a third group of people who don’t even know that sleeping within them lie the seeds of greatness. Their underlying vision may only be revealed through a personal crisis such as a health challenge or an emotional crisis which drives them to question their life direction and ponder what they really want from (the rest of their) life. If this is you then you may only seek out coaching as a result of a crisis, not realising that crisis can actually be an opportunity.

If you are in this third group you may not even know right now what you are ultimately capable of, because of the severity of your current challenges. When you are neck deep in quicksand the first step is to get onto solid ground. When I work with clients like this we first do plenty of tapping on the emotional issues and only when we get some progress and I see an opening will I start asking about their thoughts for the future. That’s when the surprise usually comes. I couldn’t count how many of these people have ended up making the biggest shifts of all.

When I ask about their vision, what they come up with is almost invariably the opposite of their presenting problem. So a female client with a severe anxiety problem who fears rejection and hates being the centre of attention finally, after much tapping, expresses a long-held dream of being a performer. I always smile when they do this. Why? Because that vision of success IS the resolution of her problem. It requires that resolution. Demands it. So it is perfect. What better proof that you have overcome your social anxiety problem than to be right in the focus of social attention – and loving it!?

When you overcome incredible odds like this to ultimately achieve something great, it’s not really about the achievement, it’s about bringing forth what is inside you. Finding your light and letting it shine. Then extending your light out into the world to inspire others.

When this happens you become truly alive. And through your presence you help others to find their light and life too.

The challenge for all of us is to bring forth that which is special and unique about us into the world. Surprisingly, that may be caught up within what you currently believe is your greatest weakness.

Underneath what currently seems to be your greatest problem may just lie the seeds of something great. A scary vision which is ultimately also the cure. Not just for you. For all of us.

Steps to Greatness

business-ownerDo you want to achieve something great? Do you have a sleeping vision in your heart which makes you feel all tingly and excited when you think about it? Or perhaps you want to do something great but feel held back by fear and self-doubt? Maybe you find yourself wrestling with some severe mental and emotional demons, wondering if you’ll ever find out what your destiny is, or even just feeling desperate to return things to an even keel?

If this is you, I’d love to have the opportunity to help you to reveal your personal greatness which may be hidden beneath your current challenges.

I’ve designed Steps to Greatness, a special intensive coaching program to get you on track to where you want to be.

What is it?

Whether you want to achieve a business or sporting milestone, build an incredible organisation, blast through to a new level of personal achievement, leave a powerful legacy, and/or make a massive difference, this program is designed to help you succeed using some of the most powerful personal development tools available on the planet.

We’ll use tapping and other powerful energy techniques combined with specialised peak performance techniques to help you break through the barriers to identify and manifest your unique version of greatness.

Who is it for?

It’s for those few select individuals out there who really want to achieve something great and are willing to do what it takes to get there.

How does it work?

Steve Wells coaching via skypeYou’ll gain the opportunity to be coached and mentored by me via skype video or face to face over 7 intensive fortnightly coaching sessions within a 4-month period. In addition you’ll have unlimited access to me over the entire 4 months for feedback by email on your progress (usual turn-around 24 -48 hours except specified travel periods).

This first run-through of the program is being offered to just 4 people. It will commence towards the end of June by arrangement.

Your investment?

Your greatest investment will be your commitment to work intensively with me and incorporate the needed actions into your life. Don’t go any further unless you are willing to commit to doing this, to seeing the program through and to realising your own personal version of greatness.

The financial investment is AUD$2497, payable in advance to secure your place. The fee must be paid up front and is non-refundable, with no exceptions. This is designed to sort out those who are serious from the rest and is a sign of your commitment to the process and to achieving your vision.

There are just 4 places available on a strictly first come first served basis.

Are you ready to go for it?

If you want to do something great and be among the first few individuals worldwide to join the Steps to Greatness Program, sign up now



Want to learn more?

To find out about training in tapping and energy techniques click here

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