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Which Energy Technique is the best? Is it possible to decide between them? The answer to this question is an unequivocal yes. So what are the criteria for deciding? There are two:

Firstly, the best Energy Technique is …

the one that works for you.

And secondly, and even more importantly, the best Energy Technique is …

the one that you use!

When you have tried out a range of Energy Techniques it is our experience that you will gravitate towards using one of them more than the others. This is because that approach seems to fit your own style and approach. That is the best Energy Technique for you.

One of the key reasons why EFT has become the most popular of the Energy Techniques is it’s user-friendly nature. And yet, internet forums are filled with people who write about their frustration about not finding time to tap! Or not knowing what to say. We believe that some of the innovations of SET – Simple Energy Techniques – overcome these problems. In Australia we like to say “No worries” quite often, and with SET there truly are fewer things to worry about. In particular, these include:

  1. No worries about where to tap. Since everyone who researches it finds that sequence doesn’t matter all that much, you can confidently tap on any of the points in any order and be confident of producing a result.
  2. No worries about what to say. Since set-up statements and reminder phrases are not required when using SET, you can be free to focus on the problem in your own way. SET can also simply be “grafted onto” the problem, rather than having to be done separately.
  3. No worries about having to be specific and “tune into” the problem. SET tapping for energy toning allows you to produce results without having to be specific – Although if you prefer, you can do a focused session of tapping at any given opportunity.
  4. No worries about even having to find a separate time to tap since SET tapping can be easily integrated into your daily routine and done as you go about your business. SET fingertip tapping is particularly portable and can be done virtually anywhere. Knowing that you can also rub, touch, or put pressure on the points also allows for discreet use of the techniques in public.

Are we saying SET is THE best Energy Technique? Not at all – unless of course you try it out and find, as have many thousands of our workshop participants and readers that: (a) it works for you, and (b) it is so simple that you tend to use it all the time! We certainly hope and expect that to be the case, as our aim in creating SET was to make the benefits of meridian stimulation user-friendly and accessible to more people.

If you haven’t yet tried SET we encourage you to do so. There is a free special report and an audio interview on our website where we explain very simply how to use SET. You can download them from this webpage

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