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Tapping is generally excellent for treating anxiety, and Simple Energy Techniques (SET) is particularly good because it is so user-friendly and portable. Many common anxiety problems can be treated quite quickly using SET, and many other problems will respond to a routine of daily tapping. That's certainly been the case for me.

When I first learnt EFT from Gary Craig over 15 years ago I found I could often tap and gain relief from the anxiety which plagued me in a number of different situations. However, there were some places where EFT didn't seem to work and where anxiety would still consistently rear its ugly head no matter how much I worked my way through past events and different aspects looking for "core issues".

As one example, back then I was a member of an international professional speaking association, and despite the fact I had achieved their highest speaking award, I still felt anxious going along to meetings!

It wasn't until my good friend Dr. David Lake came up with the idea of continual tapping that I realised first-hand that some problems simply need more tapping before you start to see results. Over time, with continual daily tapping, the anxiety that haunted me in situations like this started to drop away. Now it is rare that I ever experience it, and if any of it is triggered, I can usually treat it quite quickly with a little bit of tapping, and by getting back into a daily tapping routine.

We now believe that daily tapping over time changes your nervous system, and switches off your overactive primitive alarm system. We call this process Energy Toning and have seen it help many people with the sort of anxiety that doesn't yield to a few rounds or even a few sessions of tapping.

If you have been struggling with anxiety, I encourage you to try daily tapping for at least 2 weeks using SET, and work on increasing the sheer amount of tapping you are doing. Add the tapping to your regular routines, and get enough of it (up to 1 hour per day if you can) into your "system".

I tap on the finger points each day during my daily walk which means I get 25-30 minutes of tapping in right at the start of the day. I also tap when I switch on the blender to make my smoothie each morning. It only adds another minute of tapping but I do it every day. At work, I stop occasionally to tap when I am working on the computer. And I always tap along with my clients. My wife does the fingertip tapping each time she gets to a red traffic light. In some trips that can add as much as 20 minutes or even more to her daily tapping quota.

If you do the same as we do and start adding tapping to your daily routines, then add in other bits of tapping as you get the chance through the day, you should start to notice a difference within a few days. If you do this for the next 2 weeks I will be very surprised if you haven't noticed a significant difference in your ongoing anxiety levels. If you haven't, then seek more help from a professional or an experienced tapping therapist. None of us is in this alone.

Free audio on Overcoming Anxiety

Last year I was interviewed for Brain Tree Podcast by Rocky Biasi. Rocky is a Sydney-based counsellor and expert on stress management, motivation and peak performance. He is also a lovely bloke, and one of our certified PET Practitioners.

Rocky and his business associate Prue Salter offer these free podcasts to help anyone who wants to learn more effectively. Whilst the series has particular application to students, the insights from this session (and the other podcasts in their series) can benefit anyone. In this episode, we focus on anxiety, which can severely interrupt your learning and your performance in any area of life.

Here is the link - I hope you enjoy listening:

Anxiety Detox

My friend Rachel Green is an expert on mindfulness and meditation, which she was personally able to use to cure herself of panic attacks. We're combining our skills to present Your Anxiety Detox Plan, a workshop combining two powerful techniques for anxiety relief: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Simple Energy Techniques (SET), and how to apply them easily in your daily life. There will also be plenty of additional tips for managing anxiety through changing your thinking and managing your body. We'll also run this workshop for your group or your business, by request. Here's the link for more info:

Helping Kids Overcome Anxiety

I don't know about you but I was full of anxiety when I was young, especially at school. Now I see it as part of my life's mission to help empower kids to overcome anxiety by teaching them - and their parents - these wonderful tapping techniques. SET is wonderful for kids, as it's so simple and gentle and user-friendly, even very young children can learn it for self-calming and anxiety relief.

I think the key is to get the word out to parents, teachers and counsellors, so that they can have these tools available for helping the kids in their care. It could prevent many typical childhood anxieties from developing into lifetime disorders and set kids up for a lifetime of success rather than a lifetime of stress.

I want to give you some free resources on helping kids with anxiety:

Two Free Audio Recordings:

I've been interviewed a number of times on how we can help kids overcome anxiety using tapping. I'm giving you links to the recordings from two of these programs below. Whilst similar, there are also some differences based on the questions asked by my hosts. I hope you find them useful and use this information to empower your kids:

** Helping the Anxious Child (using Energy Techniques)

In this interview from Parenting and Teaching - A Journey of Love with host Lora Kuchinski, I discuss some of the anxiety problems which kids typically experience and how can we use Energy Psychology techniques such as SET tapping to help them.

** Teaching Kids How to Overcome Anxiety

In this interview from EFT Radio with host Jondi Whitis, I discuss how to apply Simple Energy Techniques (SET) to help kids to overcome anxieties and common childhood fears such as night time fears, social anxiety, upsets at school, performance anxiety, and more!

I hope you these resources useful for yourself and anyone you help who suffers from anxiety. And if you want to go into more depth, come along to a workshop and learn these powerful techniques - and gain relief - first-hand.

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