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Learn how to promote fast and effective emotional healing with this unique advanced energy approach combining tapping with provocative language patterns and liberating laughter!

Sydney, Australia, 23-24 November

Presented by Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake

Do you want to:

• Learn radical new techniques to promote rapid emotional healing
• Break through the boundaries of the possible
• Dramatically increase your effectiveness and results
• Bust out of your limiting beliefs about change
• Laugh as you learn and change

Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) is a unique advanced emotional healing approach which combines the power of energy tapping (as used in EFT, SET and other Energy Psychology techniques) with elegant provocative and paradoxical communication techniques and warm, liberating humour from Provocative Therapy. The result is an approach that both delights and transforms.

"A most fantastic experience ... your work is the therapy of the future." Sharon Toole, Ph.D, Toronto, Canada

PET provides an inner freedom which is missing from most other approaches to human change - even many energy therapy approaches

This unique approach:

  • Shatters the illusion that change must be painful, slow and hard
  • Gets rapidly to core issues and accesses energy and motivation for change
  • Is paradoxical - PET uses resistance to change in the service of change
  • Releases suffering through warm, liberating humour combined with elegant mind-body techniques
  • Is easy on the client and easy on the practitioner - and is an antidote to burnout
  • Makes change fun whilst simultaneously addressing deep issues

This approach is for you if you want to take your results and your self-development to the next level.

It is for those who are willing to step outside the mainstream to consider new possibilities.

This workshop is open to practitioners, coaches, and counsellors as well as for those seeking a new approach to personal development.


PET is not for everyone. If you think change must be long, difficult and hard, this workshop will blow your former paradigms out of the water. If you require politically correct language, get upset at adult themes, or you don't have a working sense of humour, you'd be better to stay at home, as PET deliberately plays with stereotypes to challenge stuck thinking patterns and get you thinking and feeling in new ways.

If, however you are open-minded enough to consider new ideas, if you are looking for something different, if you are willing to explore new possibilities and you are looking for a way of getting better results, then this could be just what you are looking for!

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Workshop Content

This workshop starts with a review of the basics of Simple Energy Techniques (SET), and how to use it to relieve anxiety, trauma, PTSD, phobias, grief, sadness and other negative emotions. SET is also the basic tapping process used in PET...

Next, you’ll learn the warmth, humour, and profound emotional healing power of Provocative Energy Techniques (PET), and how you can use this approach to help yourself and others!

You'll gain a practical and experiential introduction to the key processes and patterns used in PET. You'll also have an opportunity try it out with plenty of practical exercises in a non-threatening environment. You'll be astounded how PET can make core emotional change light and fun whilst still addressing deep issues.

"I cannot think of a more valuable workshop... The energy in the workshop was comprised of growth and healing for all involved." – Anne Wendt, USA

What is Energy Psychology and tapping?

Energy Psychology (EP) is an umbrella term for a range of innovative mind-body techniques which combine western and eastern healing systems into a potent means for resolving emotional pain. The most common techniques combine tapping on acupressure points with focusing on emotional problems and pain. EP techniques are relaxing, gentle, effective, ‘easy’ on the client and ‘easy’ on the therapist.

What is SET?

Simple Energy Techniques (SET) is a simple, user-friendly process of stimulating energy points on the body for emotional relief. Typically this involves tapping on the points, although rubbing or gently touching the points can also be used. While simple, SET can often dramatically relieve the stress of negative emotions and even shift core negative beliefs.

Many of the techniques used in SET are adapted from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and other EP approaches, although SET has several elements that make it unique. More on SET

"I REALLY like your adapted SET method.. I can use SET throughout the day and blend it into what I'm doing." --- Dean Pistilli (Participant in Sydney Workshop)

What is PET?

Humour + Paradox + Energy Tapping = Rapid Change!

Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) is an unique advanced emotional healing approach which combines the power of energy tapping as used in EFT and SET with humorous and paradoxical communication and techniques drawn from Provocative Therapy, Ericksonian Therapy and Brief Strategic Therapy.

"Although I have been using EFT successfully with clients for several years, the fine-tuning and addition of the PET techniques have profoundly expanded my effectiveness ... I am amazed at how much more quickly and comfortably clients have been moving through their issues, pain and trauma."--- Lynda Malerstein, Hypnotherapist

PET elegantly addresses both mind and body. The provocative techniques cut through resistance, negative beliefs and other emotional barriers to get right to the heart of problems. The meridian tapping techniques and use of humour allows you to rapidly relieve clients’ fears, anxieties, trauma, hurt and other negative emotions. It’s a powerful combination. More on PET

“PET makes impossible things possible... The provocative style was like having a sauna bath, relieving, refreshing, just great, clear thoughts, limiting beliefs gone.”
--- Eva Maria Lundell MD, participant in Munich Workshop

Want to become a PET Practitioner?

This 3-day training counts towards certification as a PET Practitioner. More details on PET Certification

"Worth every cent and all the time I spent coming - above and beyond my expectations...."– Binyamin Dov Zuriel, Jerusalem, Israel

"Inspiring, educational and fun. I laughed 'till I cried. PET has transformed the way I work with clients and students." Russell Cunningham, Director - Australian Institute of Self Development

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About the Presenters

Steve Wells

"Every new movement has a number of pioneers who become stars. Steve Wells and David Lake qualify in both regards...These delightful gentlemen combine wit, humor, skill and compassion in a unique way that both entertains and informs their many audiences. It has been my personal pleasure to watch their skills multiply throughout their worldwide audiences." --- Gary Craig, Creator of EFT,

Steve Wells (pictured left) and Dr. David Lake (pictured below left) are internationally recognized as innovative leaders and skilled practitioners in the new field of Energy Psychology.

Dr. David Lake is a medical practitioner and psychotherapist in private practice from Sydney, Australia. Steve Wells is a psychologist, professional speaker and peak performance consultant from Perth, Western Australia.

David and Steve have been using Energy Psychology techniques for the past 15 years and together developed Simple Energy Techniques (SET), Advanced Energy Methods (AEM), and the unique integrative energy approach: Provocative Energy Techniques (PET). They have helped thousands of people through their worldwide seminars and workshops.

David and Steve have written three books together, including their newest self-help book Enjoy Emotional Freedom, their manual for helpers New Energy Therapies: Rapid Change Techniques for Emotional Healing ,and Tapping Wisdom. Dr. Lake is also the author of the best-selling Strategies for Stress and the relationships manual She’ll be Right, and Steve is also co-author of a children's book on EFT, Rose and the Night Monsters.

Steve and David's workshops are always entertaining and engaging and filled with practical techniques and inspiration you can use immediately to improve your life. Every workshop with them is different as they are constantly updating their methods and always adapt to the group. Their special blend of humor and compassionate provocation means that their workshops are always full of therapeutic fun and laughter whilst at the same time dealing with deep issues.

What Others Say

"Thank you for an amazing weekend. I had never laughed so much in 3 days! I am deeply grateful. Many workshops promise to be life-transforming and fun. This IS truly life-transforming and lots of fun."--- Dr Clare Tam, Brisbane, Australia

"Without a doubt the most pragmatic, enlightening and laughter filled workshop I have ever attended."
--- Devi Ishaya, NLP Master, CT. Hypnosis, Adv EFT

"Wow - what a fabulous workshop. Steve and David are like classical music masters where the subtlest notes look so easy but yet has taken years of dedicated practice and devotion to create such an art. I watched with continued amazement as they demonstrated their talent - sometimes I laughed so hard I cried and other moments were so profound I was moved to tears. These are fantastic tools that I look forward to incorporating into my EFT practice. Steve and David, thanks for all of your incredible love and support, (and) for being such wonderful role models....."--- Karen Hodson, EFT Practitioner

"Thank you for your amaaaaaazing workshop in Brussels! Thank you both for your compassion, wit, intelligence, acceptance and your wide open hearts. I continue to benefit from it greatly on a personal and also a professional level. I've just done 2 sessions with clients and I was amazed at how light things were despite the numerous deep issues that were treated in a single session! AND it's so much fun for everyone! :))"- Christine Blanchett

Workshop Details

Dates and Times:

Saturday 23rd November, 9.30am - 5.30pm
Sunday 24th November, 9.30am - 5.00pm


Crows Nest Centre
2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest

Registration Fees:

First 10 places available now at special rate of $395, saving $200 on the regular fee! Expires when sold out or 30 August, whichever comes first.

Register now to claim the special rate

Early Bird: $495 (If paid by 24 September)
Regular Fee: $595 (If you register after 24 September)

Note: This workshop will be filmed and all participants must sign a video release form. Participants will be eligible to purchase the workshop DVD’s at a special reduced rate.

1. Register securely online

Click here to register securely online using your credit card

2. Register by phone

Call Louise on 08 9271 9271

Cancellation policy: Major commitments must be met and in fairness to all our policy for refunds is: Full refund (less $95 Administration fee) for cancellations made 30 days or more prior to workshop. 50% refund for cancellations made from 29 days to 14 days prior to workshop commencement. No refunds will be given after this time; however your place may be transferred to another person (subject to prior notification and confirmation with the organizers). NOTE: This policy does not apply to special subscriber offers, for which a no refunds policy applies.

Enquiries / More Information:

Call Louise on 08 9271 9271

Want to learn more?

To find out about training in tapping and energy techniques click here

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