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We surveyed our subscribers to find out what is important to them, what topics they would like to learn more about, what support they need, and what are their greatest challenges with tapping. We received lots of great suggestions and insights and we're already developing  new  programs to support you (details coming soon!). Many thanks to all who responded!

Here is a summary of the survey results:

1. Location:

Our subscribers come from all over the world. Most (55.2%) are located in Australia or New Zealand (no surprise there). Next highest is Europe at 13.8%, followed by USA/Canada at 12.1%, UK at 5.2%, and South Africa at 3.4%.

2. In your own words, what topics would you most like to learn more about?

We've organised the responses into categories and listed the top 12 most mentioned topics below with some sample (typical or interesting) responses in italics.

The 1st (i.e. most popular) topic category was building confidence and self-esteem and overcoming self sabotage. 27.6% of all responses we received fit within this category. We will definitely be putting out more material to help in this area in future!

How to get out of my own way.  

Confidence to step out of my comfort zone.

Overcoming limits to success

how to develop the confidence to motivate and promote myself, how to deal with the isolation that comes from the feeling when everyone appears to be walking in the opposite direction.

2nd: Trauma

healing emotional traumas that just won't go away.

Working responsibly with Trauma survivors

3rd: Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety.

Treating phobic anxiety.

4th: Business

Reaching business goals - work on beliefs sabotaging success

Business skills & what may be holding me back

5th: Helping children

How to give children more confidence in themselves.

Helping children change negative beliefs to build resilience within themselves.

6th: Practitioner training and development

More about using advanced energy techniques - becoming attuned to e.g. body language signals, and other big clues whilst also paying attention to the information being communicated.

Focusing in on the emotions - reading body language and other keys to well targeted EFT. Accurate diagnosis of what may be root of issues and aspects.

7th: Health

8th: Peak performance and achieving goals

9th: Depression

10th: Relationships

11th: Weight loss

12th: Addictions

Being conscious in avoiding addictive behaviors ... some way to stop the trance which leads to bad behavior in favor of a better alternative. How do you catch yourself before you wake up the next day and say to yourself "oh, crap, I did THAT again yesterday.'

Other topics mentioned included: marketing and spreading the word; PET, abundance, pain relief, forgiveness, tapping for pets, relaxation, meditation, tapping theories, among others.

3. What do you like most about the workshops, products and programs currently provided by Steve Wells and EFT DownUnder?

* Respondents appreciated our warmth and humour

I enjoy Steve's humour and his sensitivity when working with people in front of the class.

their wild humor which I adore;

* Many people like the simplicity of the techniques and the straightforward ways they are taught

No 'fluff'! Everything is explained in a clear direct manner.

I like that they are direct & simple to apply & delivered with honesty & humour.

* A number of people mentioned the demonstrations of change in workshops

Well presented. Witnessed a participant actually have breakthrough changes in front of group.

In the workshop I did in Melbourne 2014 Steve just jumps straight in showing us how his dynamic technique works by having a group of volunteers out the front all working on different issues. Straight away it enabled the participants to really understand and see the dynamics immediately. Then having us partner off to work on some of our own stuff. With his approach to teaching you really get to appreciate what you see and have learned immediately. I found my confidence increased using his approach during the workshop.

* People appreciate the safe and caring atmosphere in our workshops

Like the safe, caring and comfortable atmosphere that makes it easy to open up even if you are feeling a bit vulnerable

I liked being with like minded people, the energy that is created. Having different beliefs, but feeling safe to express those beliefs without criticism.

Hugs and self acceptance and feeling accepted by the you and the people that attend.

* The practical and action-oriented nature of our programs

I like Steve's down-to-earth, no-nonsense, action-oriented approach, his finesse in one-to-one sessions and his practical advice

* Our programs are fun

Best summed up as 'never a dull moment' - fun (in workshops and associated DVDs) and in everything there is good content i.e. the time is packed full of learning, whilst having fun.

* Directness and honesty

Direct, honest, humorous, shocking, accessible. Acknowledging and embracing the dark side of human nature. Relentless provocation alongside the paradox of humour and heart connection.

* They work

great at undoing my psychobabble.

* Professionalism

EFT Downunder training feels like the most authentic/professional I have looked at in Australia

Other factors mentioned by a number of people included: PET and our provocative approach; Our programs are different to conventional EFT/tapping training; The affordability and accessibility of our programs

4. What type of products and programs are you most interested in?(choose all that apply)

 The top 5 ranked programs in order were (most chose more than one):

  1. Advanced Programs on Tapping and other Energy Techniques: 68.97%
  2. Self-Acceptance Programs: 65.52%
  3. Overcoming Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Sadness: 63.8%
  4. Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) Practitioner Training: 55.17%
  5. Abundance and Success Programs: 51.72%

5. What are the things that you would most like to see in our future workshops, products and programs?

* Advanced Techniques and Practitioner Training

Advanced technique workshops for practitioners. PET workshops. Linking with other techniques.

Workshops to extend EFT practitioner knowledge

Practitioner training in workshops, not just for PET - hands-on practical experience. Self-help areas can be covered in online courses.

* Online programs

for people unable to attend the workshops that there is a product that is nearly equivalent which people such as myself may be able to purchase and use in the comfort of their home.

Just more examples of how it works and the possibility of becoming a practitioner without having to travel to Australia

* More Live examples / Real examples of cases

Some powerful examples of the power of tapping.

* Helping Children

How to help children, how to empower them.

* Longer Workshops/ More In-depth / live-in options

A wild thought. Have the workshop somewhere everyone can stay overnight and then we can talk and tap more.

* Going deeper and handling difficult issues

* Specific, targeted programs on various topics

Targeted programs - more specific - eg weight loss, death, relationships, kids, business, parents, husbands, procrastination, goals, wealth, too busy, improving a certain skill etc.

* Affordable options

Affordability for those of us living in countries with Mickey Mouse economies and exchange rates extremely high.

* What to do when tapping doesn't work

Numerous other topics were suggested including: relationships, health, fears, beliefs, pain relief, healthy aging, teaching tapping to others, introducing tapping into schools, hospitals, and so on.

it seems that everything comes back to self-acceptance, relationships and belief systems. Once those are straightened out a bit, everything else seems to flow from them. Personally, I would like to see one entitled "Getting real with yourself".

Thanks for all your great suggestions!

6. What would make you more likely to use our programs or attend our workshops?

* Affordability was the most common issue mentioned. Some stated it as "if my finances improved".

I already try to attend when you are in Sydney I love the workshops. I suppose money is an issue but then you guys have to make money it's not a charity. (I need to tap on that)

* Online programs: A large number of people mentioned online programs as an affordable and accessible option and this was the second most frequently mentioned request.

For any digital programs, having them in downloadable version makes a big difference in ease of use and avoiding heavy import taxes

At the moment my health issues make it difficult for me to travel so online courses would be great.

* Accessibility to my local area

I'd love to attend more workshops, and individual sessions too, but I always have to travel, and money is not always available to do so. I want to achieve more qualification with PET but it's mostly held overseas.

* Advanced Programs / Programs that take me further in developing skills

* Timing of workshops

* Quite a number of people are happy with our programs as they are

7. Overall, how well does our website meet your needs?

87.72% felt the website meets their needs very well or extremely well. However, only 17.54% were in the extremely well category and our aim is to increase this.

8. What changes would most improve our website?

* Most people were happy with the website is THE website I recommend others go to as a reliable source of information, although I always tell them they need to look for SET as there is so much there.

* One very helpful suggestion/request mentioned by several people was a need for more in-depth information on cases in either written form or by video

More success stories - not just testimonials but the whole story.

* More video of live sessions or tap-along sessions

some little tapping examples you do with us. I like the oppositions sight (site) because they offer some tapping. I am getting better but I find I am not good at doing things on my own.

* More articles and more in-depth articles

* Some people suggested changes to improve the look and feel of our site.

Thanks for all your great suggestions which we've taken on board.

We'll also be announcing some new programs based on all your suggestions to this survey. Stay tuned!

9. What are your greatest challenges with using tapping?

See if you can guess this - We're going to do an entire feature on it in our next newsletter and blog post and let you know not only what most people find their greatest challenges but also how you can deal with them most effectively.

Meanwhile, if you didn't participate in the survey please tell us: What are YOUR greatest challenges with using tapping?



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