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Video on Overcoming Resistance with Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)

I was invited by Maria Annell of the French Tapping Summit to present this webinar on how Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) overcomes the resistance that normally accompanies change. If you've ever struggled to make the changes you desire, or you help others change, this webinar will show you how PET bypasses resistance to help you find the freedom to move forward. PET also makes change fun! Watch and be infected with the provocative virus, and if you are interested to know more join me in one of my upcoming PET workshops.

The webinar is presented in English with translation into French by the wonderful Christine Disant, who will also be translating my workshop in Strasbourg in October (see details below video). Also appearing in the video is Christine Blanchet who is co-hosting my workshop.

PET Workshop in Strasbourg 11-13 October 2019:

Information in English:

Information in French:

See other PET training Workshops worldwide:


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