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In this video Steve Wells interviews Emma Watson about how she used tapping to successfully overcome her own emotional eating issues and reset her weight set-point, creating effortless, sustainable weight loss which has now lasted for over 12 years!

Emma Watson listOn the right hand side you can see an excerpt from the list Emma wrote back then (Click on the image and it will expand) in its original form complete with rust stains from the original paperclip and writing on the back of the page! You can also see notes she wrote when reviewing this in 2007. Emma says: "Obviously I am happy for people to use this as a starting point or to see an example but I do emphasis to my clients (as you do to yours) that they need to identify their own beliefs/triggers etc and tap on those. These are just examples of what mine were.")

Where to from here?

Read Emma's article where she outlines the process she used to change her weight without fighting her body.

See also this article which Emma wrote previously about her tapping for weight loss experience.

See also this helpful article by Sue Hughes on Self-Acceptance and Weight Loss

Please let us know your thoughts: Was this video helpful? Are you interested in more like this? What would really support you with own weight issues? We're exploring a range of possible future options and would really value your ideas and will try to honour your requests.

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